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New Year, Same Ole’ Shite

So 2013 is in the books and done and with it much has occurred in the realm of Warhammer.  The game is into its late stages of 8th edition (or at least we assume since 9th should be due this summer). All but 5 books remain to be done to bring them into line.  Multiple expansions or additions have been given to us in the forms of campaigns, additional rules, iOS packets, etc...  Tournaments have been won and lost, much money has been spent and many dreams have both been realized and collapsed.  In the space of a year I have painted and sold an army and played a boatload of games and per my usual I have kept track!  So let's knock back some statistics shall we.

I keep track of the number of miniature games I play every year, assuming that if I get in at least 52 games a year (1 per week) then I have justified the cost of my hobby to myself.  Honestly I ought to be getting 2 games in a week to really justify it but let's keep it realistic here, I mean; I am married and have 2 kids.  2 games a week isn't likely to happen.

So let's get started.
I have played 63 games this year.  A fair abundance of these have of course been tournament games and I've used a number of different armies this year throughout it.  Let’s examine some numbers.

I've played:
15 games with Skaven
Results being 11W/0D/4L
Giving me a win percentage with the army of 73%

4 games with Empire
Results being 2W/1D/1L
Giving me a win percentage with the army of 50%

6 games with Dwarfs
Results being 2W/0D/4L
Giving me a win percentage with the army of 33%

11 games with Bretonnia
Results being 7W/1D/3L
Giving me a win percentage with the army of 63%

5 games with Orcs & Goblins
Results being 3W/0D/2L
Giving me a win percentage with the army of 60%

Of course having not played each number of armies an equal number of times means I can't really draw comparisons as to which one I'm better with, but I clearly favored the Skaven this year.  I liked playing with the Brets and won many of the games I played with them, but I ended up selling them in the fall because I just didn't enjoy the play style.  Sadly my worst showing is my Dwarf's, but of course i only played them 6 times.

For those out there who are math savvy you'll notice that that is only a total of 41 games played of Warahmmer which is not 52.  However it is not the only miniature game I play.  Blood Bowl which I usually calculate into this setup came out to a whopping 0 games this year as I didn't participate in the ACon tournament as I have the last 2 years and I've just been so busy I didn't get around to running season 3 of The Waaagh Cast Cup.

However, my son received Star Wars: X-Wing for his birthday and we jumped into that game hard.  Playing each other as well as participating in a local 4 week league I managed to rack up a number of games in this category.  So let's look shall we.

I played;
17 games with Rebels
Results being 15W/0D/2L

5 games with Empire
Results being 2W/0D/3L

I don't care so much about X-Wing as Warhammer so I just calculated my overall win percentage here giving me a win percentage of 77%.

While I actually would've preferred to play Empire my son chose them and sine the game really was for him I took the Reb's.  Turned out to be a grand old time and i really enjoyed the Reb's as they have more access to abilities and upgrades which opens the list building aspect of the game a little more to me.

So when we add all these up we see that I have reached ## games.  I hit my goal, but not by much, and even then only because I picked up another miniature game.  Not the way I want to hit the number, but I guess I'll take what I get.

So in the conclusion of the year let's take a look at something else I decided was important to me and that was my 2013 resolutions.  I'm such a failure...

1. Finish painting my Warhammer Quest set.
Incomplete 0 Points

2. Finish Bretonnian Army
Complete 10 Points

3. Finish 2 Unfinished Projects
Complete 10 Points 

4. No More Board Games
Failed 0 Points 

5. Play Every Board Game (And sell them!)
Failed 0 Points

6. Run a Tournament
Failed 0 Points

7. Get My Son to Play Miniatures
1/2 Complete 5 Points

8. Play 52 Miniature Games
Complete 10 Points 

9. Crack a Top 20 or Podium Award
Complete 10 Points

10. Lose Weight
1/2 Complete 5 Points5 Points

Total: 50 Points

Discouraging to say the least; 4 all out failures and 2 only 1/2 goals complete.  I believe the one that hurts the most is the weight loss.  At one point I had actually managed to get under 200lbs, but now thanks to the holidays and my slobbish behavior I'm back up to 212.  Mind you it’s still less than the 221lbs I started the year out with but dammit if only I'd stuck to it a little better.  Perhaps some of my goals were just too lofty.  Such as don't buy any new board games.  I knew better, or should have that is.  Something to think about when I set my goals this year, that's for sure.

Speaking of goals...  2014!

Now my wife and I are planning on moving this year into a larger home to accommodate our family.  Also my wife and I plan on attending a Geekway to the West (a board game convention) which for me will be taking the place of Adepticon as the cost is relatively similar and its a trip for my wife and I as opposed to just myself.  This all leads to a lack of money and free time as much will be spent I'm sure preparing, selling, moving and unpacking our home(s).  Also tournament Warhammer has begun to lose its luster on me.  While I've always enjoyed the social aspect I am also tired of traveling for tournaments.  The money and time spent just to attend is getting old on me.  Not that I don't want to still, I just don't want to as often and as such you'll see this all reflected in my choices for the resolutions this year.

As with last year I'm going to make a game out of it with a goal to... well, to finish them all, but also to beat last year’s shoddy score of 50 points at least.  This year there are 10 resolutions worth 10 points each.  Let's see if I can get there.

1. Buy No More Than 5 New Board Games
Last year I said no new board games, this year I'll set a more realistic goal.  Considering I bought 5 new games in the last 2 months this will still be a challenge.

2. Participate in X-Wing League or Run Season 3 of Waaagh Cast Cup Blood Bowl League
An extra circular of miniature gaming.  One or the other, I'm not picky.

3. Play 4 Supplemental Rules Games
With GW pumping out extra material they are really giving us some new ways to play.  I suppose I have to define supplemental at this point though.  Storm of Magic, Siege, Regiment of Renown, Triumph & Treachery.  These are the things I'm thinking of.  Additions to the game which greatly modify the core rules of the game itself.  With those listed, that is my goal; play at minimum at least 1 of each of these games.

4. Complete the Skaven
Over the last 2 years I've fully fleshed this army out except for a few options that I'd really like to get done.  I need a Warlord on War Litter and another 20 Clanrats/Slaves to be able to run the army up to 4,000 points.  Beyond this I do have a few character models and other pieces I think I'd like to get done.

5. Paint 1,000 Points of Orcs & Goblins
I picked up and had started working on this army in 2013 and although I'd love to start playing it I'd really like to get it finished first so that it has an 'unveiling' type of use.  That means no real playing with it until it’s done.  As much of my time this year will likely not be spent on hobbying I'm going to try and finish 1,000 points instead of giving myself what I feel would be an unrealistic goal of 2,400.

6. Attend Minimum 5 Local Events
Our FLGS runs a Fantasy event every other month and in the last 2 years I've maybe made it to 3 of them as my time and money has been spent attending out of town events.  Also Chuck and I tend to run at least 4 events in Bloomington as well.  In scaling back my Warhammer spending and traveling I will do my best to make it a point to attend the local events.

7. Top 10 Finish
I will only be attending one GT event this year and that is Blood in The Sun IV.  Coming on the heels of 2013's top 20 finish I would deeply like to make a top 10.  To do so I assume I will have to win 4/5 games at this tournament I while I don't believe I am 'that good' I think that if I take my Dwarfs (especially if we get a new and effective book) that combined with their soft scores it is possible.  This being the only GT makes this an all or nothing goal though.  No 2nd chances.

8. Assemble 5 Tables of Terrain

Stretching from my goal last year of running a tournament I want to get the terrain actually put together for 5 tables.  This year I made a nominal effort and managed to get a number of buildings constructed as well as purchased felt for tables but never quite finished any of it.  I have table layouts and everything drawn up so the goal is to get it all together, assembled and painted.

9. Run the Tournament
I decided to split the terrain with the tournament goal this year.  While I'd love to get both done I think that perhaps it will be easier to ensure one or the other.  A small 10 player tournament, invite only, probably at my home kind of deal after I've finished assembling the 5 tables.  Good times to be had.

10. Lose Weight

Cliché I know.  I have this goal every year, but the last 2 years I have actually seen movement.  From 2012-13 I lost 20lbs, and from 2013-14 I lost another 10+.  I'd really like to get myself under 200lbs this year and that will be my goal.

Go and make yourself a 10 point resolution.  See how many you can achieve!  As for me I think this post is well long enough and I'm going to sigh off on it.  I'll keep it updated throughout the year to see how I'm progressing.  Hopefully we all have a wonderful 2014 in and out of our hobby's.

Happy New Year!

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