Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gareth's 20 Questions!

Listening to the latest Bad Dice Podcast I went ahead and took Gareth's 20 questions quiz myself.  Who know's, maybe we can blow this thing up into a full meme.  LOL!  It is kind of interesting looking at my own answers.  What are yours?

Gareth's 20 Questions

1.How long have you been playing? - 16 Years
2.Whats your favorite army? - Dwarfs
3.Whats your favorite model? - Empire Gryphon
4.Boxers or Briefs? - Boxer Briefs
5.Whats your favorite spell? - Mindrazor
6.Whats your favorite tournament? - Adepticon
7.Beer or win? - Beer
8.Steadfast or Horde? - Steadfast
9.Whats your favorite paint? - Snot Green
10.Kiss or cuddle? - Kiss
11.Whats your favorite edition? - 8th Edition
12.Dog or cat? - Dog
13.Large or small template? - Large Template
14.Whats your favorite city? - Springfield, IL.
15.Front or flank? - Flank
16.Favorite magic item? - Doomrocket
17.Scone or Skon? - Scone
18.Are you a gamer or a painter? - Both
19.Cannon or Volleygun? - Cannon
20.Hardest model to build? - Gyrocopter

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