Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Terrain Build!

So I've been gathering my Terrain together for a while now to get a big chunk of good quality stuff put together and I'm happy to say I think I have enough for buildings, etc finally.  This post is to let you know what I have and some general idea/plans and future posts will have pictures of intended layouts, etc...

So to begin I have acquired the following:
Warhammer Fortress
Warhammer Watchtower
Warhammer Garden of Morr
Warhammer Fortified Manor
So the absolute best part about this is the Fortified Manor.  The amount of plastic that comes in that box is amazing and I have BIG plans for it.  The 1st good piece I have is already complete.  I purchased the Watchtower kit last year to build a special terrain piece for Blood in the Sun.  I actually assembled it to be a Dwarf Brewery; but I also saved all the pieces that I didn't use.
The Watchtower kit comes with a smaller building you can stick on top of it or use separately.  I fully plan to use it separate in combination with other kits to make more terrain pieces.  My plan is to mount them all on pieces of MDF hardboard.  The current plan is to complete from the above at least 10 to 11 pieces of terrain that will take up about a 8"x8" piece of MDF for a good size piece of terrain.  The only thing I probably will not be using is the Wall Sections of the Fortress.
The Towers are what I was primarily after and they will also present the only piece of the project that I'll have to buy outside supplies for to complete.  The walls for the towers have doors up in the air which obviuosly wont make much sense.  As such I'm going to get some plasticard molded sheets so that I can build removable balconies which will be magnetized so that if I want I can remove them and still use the towers with the wall sections to use the castle.  No sense in butchering a $90 piece of scenery.
The current plans are to split the Garden of Morr along with the extra buildings from the Watchtower Kits and some pieces from the Fences kit out of the Fortified Manor box into two separate pieces producing two Graveyards.  These can either be used as Impassible (they'll be pretty crowded) or as my intention is, to be played as a single level building. The rest of the Walls & Fences sections along with the Stone Wall sections from the Manor upgrade kit will be used to make 2 different fenced in farm fields or just fenced areas. The Watchtowers and Chapel will be separate pieces as will each tower of the Fortress.

Also contained in all of this are 5 statues.  There is a single large one in the Garden of Morr as well as 4 smaller ones with the Chapel.  The ones from the Chapel will need some heavy work as they all have gaps in the backs which I'll have to fill with some scrap plasticard and then smooth out with greenstuff.  Then I'll have to get some kind of plinths to mount them on to give them so more height and girth.  After all that each statue will be mounted on its own piece of MDF probably 4"x4" to make 5 smaller pieces of impassible terrain.
So to recap that will be:
4 Stone Towers
1 Brewery
1 Watchtower
1 Chapel
2 Graveyards
2 Fenced Fields
5 Statues
=16 Total Pieces

While a vast amount of it will clearly be towers at least its something and while I would like some single floor buildings or houses as well I haven't found any I like and I'm not going to purchase multiple Chapel kits from GW.  So if you have any recommendations let me know.  Currently all the buildings I'm using are from the Citadel Townscapes cardstock building set.
This set was produced and sold in 1988 for the princely sum of $4.00 US.  It contains 39 cardstock buildings and bridges for use in Warhammer and is scaled appropriately.  While finding a set of these is nearly impossible I procured a .pdf which I took to Kinkos and had printed for about $30 USD.  It has served me well over the years, but I've finally reached a point where I can afford to invest in some higher quality terrain and I fully intend to.  So it may be a couple of weeks before I really get pumping on this project but keep an eye out and check for future posts on this topic. 

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