Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Game Tracker Info

Pretty exciting I think, although I think those last few percentage points gained from years past was probably due as much to the army I played throughout most of this year as my skill.  Skaven are just good.

I also use my spreadsheet to track what armies I play with and against and get my breakdowns on some of that information.  Of my many games I played my Dwarfs 10 times with a W/L/D of 4/5/1.  Skaven pulled 23 games with a W/L/D of 16/6/1 proving my previous statement of how good Skaven are.  My Empire army that has finally nearly been completed was played 15 times with a 6/8/1 showing that not only can I hardly win with them but that I really need some models/units that I just don't own.  Due to my personal constraints on this specific army I wont likely be adding much to the army which means it will probably be forever relegated to a losing army.  Lastly my Bretonnian army which wasn't started until the last 3/4 months of the year and I only managed to get in 6 games leaving me with 3/3/0.

Another piece of info I track are my tournament games.  While I'd think that a majority of my games are basement games with friends 29 (2 over 1/2) of my games were played at tournaments be them at local or GT tournaments.  I'd have to dig deep to figure out exactly which games were played at tournaments as far as what armies I ran and what opponents I faced, but I know at least 1/2 of my tournament games were with my Skaven which netted me a total tournament W/L/D of 17/8/3.

Its interesting that all 3 of my draws were earned through tournament play.  Considering that I had 25 basement games I didn't pull a single draw in any of them and I wonder if its due to friendly play versus competitive.  I wonder if its a willingness to do riskier things against friends or perhaps a tendency to pull back for points preservation in a tournament when I feel a loss coming.  Its hard to analyze ones own traits that far in the past but I do find it interesting.

How about most villainous army eh?  The one I played against the most this year was Ogres.  As if it wasn't almost obvious.  I don't think I've ever seen an army be so bandwagoned; and while I say that I don't really mean it.  Fact is most people that play Ogres already had them at some point; its just that they finally got a new book and it happened to be really good so everyone pulled there old stuff out and dusted it off.  Damned things...  Out of 20 games against Ogres I pull a W/L/D of 7/12/1.  Which tells me that either Ogres are reallyi good, or I just haven't figured out how to beat them yet.

After Ogres I've played against every army out there except Bretonnians and Empire.  Proof perhaps that even with a new book that Empire just isn't as popular in my area or perhaps isn't popular much at all.  Bretonnians are as expected unpopular as they haven't been a particularly powerful army in many years and seem to be extremely match-up dependent resulting in a a less common sight on the battlefield.

Looking at point sizes played also reveals something interesting about me and my tournament goings.  23 of my games were played at 1,000 points.  That's awfully small points levels, especially for tournament play.  Sure I had others, but the next highest points amount used was 2400 at just 10 games and then 2000 for 7 games.  Everything else was a smattering of different points values ranging anywhere from 500-2500.  Clearly me and my friends prefer the lower point valued games which is probably a geographic thing that I would imagine would vary region to region in the hobby.

That's enough Fantasy though.  What about Blood Bowl!  I love me some Blood Bowl.  I played 16 games of Blood Bowl this year.  Now this may be a cheat in a couple different ways.  Only 6 games were actually played on the tabletop and those were with my Dwarfs at the Adepticon tournament, where I came away with W/L/D of 2/1/3 and managed 3rd Overall showing that you didn't need to win everything to pull a good placement in the game.  The other 10 games I recorded were with the Waaagh Cast Cup! online Blood Bowl League that I run.  I played Skaven for the first time and managed a 5/6/5 record which is good I think for not having any experience with the team.  Also I played a number of games in the Spring finishing up the 1st season of the same League but at the time I wasn't' recording my games in the spreadsheet so I don't have those included.  There isn't much information to infer from Blood Bowl honestly, but I do like to mention it since it did comprise games from the GW hobby line.

So totaled up I have managed 70 miniatures games this year.  I like to call that a Hobby Win.  I managed more games than weeks in the year and as long as I can continue to achieve that goal year after year I'll keep fooling myself into believing I haven't wasted my money on tiny little men.

I don't know that anybody has read this entire article; but thanks for your time.  If you don't I recommend tracking your game progress in 2013.  It can show you interesting bits of information you may not have thought about before.  I find it quite interesting to analyze myself and my gaming habits and perhaps you will to.

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