Friday, January 27, 2012

Joe ToFG: An Abomination!

I'm done for January, huzah!

Having tonight hit the Abomination with a dull coat he is in the finished pile.  I don't think its my best paint job ever, but I knew it wouldn't be going into it.  I've never been very good at painting up a large area of skin.  Wings, large patches of open area.  They just aren't in my skill set.

I don't think he came out terrible, but I think that a more competent painter could've done a lot more with him.

As far as changes to this model go though.  I removed the little piece of stonework that his hand would be holding, I didn't like it.  I also hated the engine and wheel thing that goes in his butt so I left those out and made a big belt to wrap around him out of green stuff that would hold that piece of armor on his back.  There is a large divot on that armor for the engine which I had to fill in and I stuck a big Skaven banner top on which isn't visible in the picture, but that's it really.  I left off all the mechanical stuff because I really didn't any of it.  So, that said though next month I literally only have to paint a Plague Furnace and my 2,500 points will be complete!

What an Abomination!

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