Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Waaagh Cast Quarterly: Issue #2

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce and provide you with Issue #2 of our Quarterly e-zine: The Waaagh Cast Quarterly!

Its quite exciting to have issue #2 finally up and available to download.  The feedback for our first issue was great and I'm very happy with the response we received and the number of downloads it garnered.  I know it doesn't quite scratch everyone's itch but much like the podcast I've hosted for years, you just can't be everything to everyone.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy the e-zine for what it is.  You can click the image or the link below to download the e-zine in convenient PDF format.

The Waaagh Cast Quarterly: Issue #2

If your new to the e-zine and would like to go backwards to check out our first issue then you can visit the blog at http://www.waaaghcast.net or click the link below.

The Waaagh Cast Quarterly: Issue #1

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