Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Road to Adepticon

So, I'm certain most of the miniature community; at least in the US but most likely also abroad as we've had a lot of people from across the world attend are aware, Adepticon is just over the horizon.  As I type this I am only 3 days away from leaving my wife and children for 4 days of glorious gaming, drinking, eating and hanging out with friends and like minded individuals whom I often see only once a year.  To say that I am looking forward to it would be understatement.

When my friends and I originally signed up for Adepticon this year I was pretty trepidacious about it.  After having skipped last year to attend my first board game convention with my wife (Geekway to the West) and with The End Times upon us my fantasy mojo has been pretty sapped.  That's not to say I don't like fantasy still, but the competitive side, the tournament play has pretty much been ruined for me.  So while I wanted to play in the 2 day championships I decided to forgo that and play in the events that the End Times rules will likely effect the least.  I'll be participating in both of the 1,000 point How You Use It tournaments, the 100 point Regiments of Renown and the 500 point Warbands.

After much thought and contemplation I am going to run my Dwarfs in 3 of the 4 events.  I'll be using Skaven in one of the 1,000 point tournaments.  You can't use the same race in both tournaments so I had to.  Originally I was going to try and use Empire but could not settle on a list that I felt was good enough to feel like I was actually competing.  Probably more due to my model restriction than actual ability.  I always try to build pretty all around tournament builds so we'll see how I come out of this one.  A couple years ago I came quite close to winning one of the 1,000 point tournaments and this will be the first time participating in a Regiments of Renown or Warbands.  Hopefully the Dwarfs don't fail me here.

I'll also be volunteering much of the weekend.  I learned over time that this provides a lot more ability to relax and not ware yourself so thin that you just want to die by the end.  I'm looking super forward to seeing my old friends and especially browsing the numerous vendors this year as the vendor hall is bigger than ever before!  I'm going to be so poor when I come home.  If you've never attended Adepticon then you should probably consider it some time.  Its not a cheap tournament or convention to attend at all, but it is really fun and will blow your mind at the sheer size of it.

Also of course there is the board game hall which in previous years has only been open on Sunday night but this year sees itself being open the entire convention weekend.  If it weren't for my already packed schedule of tournaments and volunteering I would be certainly spending a lot of time in there.  As it is I will simply be there again on Sunday night whittling away my hours at the end of the convention.  If your in attendance and want to I'd love to say hi to anyone who finds me.  Hopefully those attending have a great time; I know I always do.

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