Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Legit Update

Okay, okay, I admit my last post was pretty trash.  Had no real content, and not that many of my posts do, but I actually have some time to sit down and throw something together and I actually have a little something to talk about.  In case the picture didn't give it away I'm going to be talking about Gorkamorka at some point in this post, but for now let's hit some basics first and check out the New Years Resolution update and head them down one at a time.

Complete 5 Tables of Terrain
Hard at work while I type with tree discs and area pieces drying with their first flock on them.  Painting tomorrow, then assembling tree's.

Run 10 Player Tournament
Still waiting on the terrain thing, although I did begin assembling rules, scenario sheets and scoring information.  So again, I'm working.

Decide on my 4th Army
As I said on the last post, I sold the Lizardmen and thus have completely decided on Tomb Kings as my 4th army.  That gives me, Dwarfs, Empire, Skaven and Tomb Kings.  Pretty diverse I think.

Stick to my recordings
Actually set up to record with Chuck hopefully next week for our March Episode.

Play my Board Games
Pretty glum on this front, as I've only had one board game night since the start of 2015 and only managed to play 3 games.  King of Tokyo, Quarriors and Downfall of Pompeii.  All excellent games by the way.

Try a new GT
Still haven't decided.

Build, paint and play Dreadfleet (at least once)
No Progress here.  Too busy doing other things.

Play a Mega Game
We have discussed it in our little local group.  Everyone seems keen, but we also seem rather trepidacious about 9th edition.  Will have to wait and see.

Blog Post at least once a month
What I'm doing right now!

Stick to the Waaagh Cast Quarterly
Hard at work on Issue 2.  I have quite a bit done for it, but I'm definitely still missing pieces here and there.  I still have a month to finish though so I'm hoping to get some serious work done on it in the next couple of weeks.

Now with all that said I've at least completed one of the goals.  Although I should say it was clearly the easiest one since it only required me to sell an army.  I'd really like to get some more board games in, but the weather and just general busy schedules between my friends and I is really holding that one back.  On the gaming front I'm excited that I'll be getting my first games in with my Tomb Kings army this weekend.  Very excited for that.

Now, lets get to the whole Gorkamorka thing.  Many people are pretty worried about what 9th edition Warhammer will bring.  This includes me and my friends locally and while I'd like to say we're all very hopeful we are also very cautious.  Naturally there has been talk of other systems, what we'd do, if we'd take breaks, etc...  Much the same discussion that most gaming groups have when something like a new edition looms its might head.  Somewhere in my line of thinking I got to wondering about GW games that could at least be a stop gap for us if we were to take a short break.  Something with some meat but that didn't require a world full of new purchases and rulebooks that we are unfamiliar with.

I debated Mordheim, Necromunda and obviously Blood Bowl.  There was some minor discussion about Malifueax and I kind of like the look of Wild West Exodus.  We are probably going to test out a number of these games, but I really wanted to stick to GW just because if you've played one of the GW games you've generally got the basic rules of all their games down.  Being an experienced player I know GW's general rules, charts, measurements, etc...  This means that the barrier to entry into any of their game systems is much lower.  Not to mention the Specialist Games that they no longer support have their rules in abundance online as PDF files, usually if not currently at some point provided by GW themselves.

Examining the Specialist Games I wanted to try Gorkamorka most.  I really like Blood Bowl, but it seems a little samey after a while; not that most games don't.  Mordheim is kind of a broken system that usually boils down to guys with two hand weapons doing all the killing with house ruling a lot and Necromunda I've played and enjoyed quite a bit, but it always lacked that extra little bit of excitement that I finally decided Gorkamorka could give in the presence of vehicles.  Man does that look like fun.  Just Mad Max style racing at each other break neck speed letting bullets fly.  I do admit that Joe Rodgers from Pointhammered has definitely had a little influence here as listening to them discuss Gorkamorka on their show really made me look it up.  Sounds like fun to me.  So currently I'm watching a lot of eBay auctions and browsing Bartertown pretty hard.

Something about the Orc (Ork) silliness has always drawn me to them as well.  Probably why I've owned 3 Orc armies in the past.  They just seem so forward.  No scheming or shenannigans behind the Orks.  Its all Dakka for them.  I've read the rules a number of times now and like I said, having a working knowledge of most of the GW game systems it all seems pretty forward.  If anyone at all is interested in looking it up for themselves then I highly recommend the following sites.

Website with the Rules pdf's


That 2nd link is just a group of guys who are quite dedicated to the game.  Lots of good chatter and articles there for perusal.  The local group doesn't seem too particularly enthusiastic about it, but that doesn't mean they aren't willing to try it and the power that 1 game can have is impressive as discussed in the last Quarterly magazine.  Hopefully I can get the gear and get them into it.  Go give it a look yourself.

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