Monday, February 16, 2015

Going once, twice, sold!

Just a hobby update today, particularly since I'm trying to keep to some of my resolutions which should be nearly impossible to screw up.  Namely, keep up on the blog with a minimum of one post a month.

So I sold the Lizardmen Army I had sitting now that I have my Tomb Kings army.  That's one resolution down for 2015 as I've cut myself back to 4 armies again.

The other goals are so lofty that I may not see a lot of progress on them for many months.  I have however been quite busy updating my Tomb King army's paint job.   If your interested in those pictures you can either check out our Flickr feed or head over to the Tomb Kings forum and see the threat here.

Not much of a post today, but just excited to have any hobby progress.

Also I'm looking into Gorkamorka.  More on that some other time.

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