Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year - New Frontier!

New year and new project!

I’m so excited today to announce the release of Issue #1 of The Waaagh Cast Quarterly!

This is something I’d started working on in the new year of 2014 but after two months of work with layout programs and everything else I finally gave up on.  However towards the end of 2014 my interest in the project was renewed and I slapped it together and forced my way through it.  Of course it was created primarily in Microsoft Word which is not a layout program and so it unquestionably has a more newsletter look than magazine look but it definitely has everything I wanted in it.

I feel at just shy of 30 pages it definitely has some good weight to it for a fan produced e-zine.  Battle Reports, Army Displays, Terrain Build and my personal favorite piece is the cardboard punch-out type article.  I really missed the days when White Dwarfs included add-ons for your games in the form of punch out rules/tokens/buildings and absolutely had a vision of using this stuff when I started working on it so long ago.

I hope that you all enjoy the magazine and encourage you to spread it around your army forums that your part of, or amongst your friends and e-mail circles.  Hopefully it will receive a good reception and I’ll have plenty of people help put the next and future issues together.  The goal is to release an issue quarterly and since I managed to get this out on the 1st of January I’ll be aiming for April 1st.  If you want to help make sure to get into contact with me!

Download the .pdf at the link below!

The Waaagh Cast Quarterly .pdf 5.46MB


Anonymous said...

That ws a lot better than I thought it would be tbh, where are you based out of interest?

Joe Flesch said...

I guess that's better than saying it sucked. Thanks :)

Illinois in the US.