Saturday, September 6, 2014

The In-Between

June 30th was my last post...  Wow, time flies when you get busy, and flown it has.  I haven't recorded an episode or made a blog post in over 60 days.  I suppose some of that can't be helped.  Having to pack up your home and move into a new house takes some time, even over a short distance such as the 15 or so miles we moved over the last 2 months.  Then of course you have to do some painting, cleaning, building, fixing.  Home ownership is as time consuming as our hobby.  Hell it takes me two days now to get my lawn fully mowed.

However, I'm here to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking and the show will resume its recording schedule hopefully by the end of September.  I haven't however been completely resting on my laurels though, and to prove it I've got pictures!

Let's start in from the beginning.  Our last show was recorded towards the beginning of June.  Since then quite a bit has happened actually.  Towards the end of June some friends and I attended the Blood in the Sun tournament up in northern Illinois.  We participated in both the Friday team event and the Weekend tournament.  I took Dwarfs to the team and went 2-1 which is better than I'd been doing with the army since the new book came out.  I then ran my Empire to a 3-2 record over the weekend.  Along with that though came the bits trade on Saturday night.  Always been a keen observer of great deals I found myself another this year.  An entire Lizardmen Army for $50!  What a steal!
The Carnosaur, Stegadon and newer Terradons were something I picked up later, but the 50 Sarus, 11 Cold Ones, Slaan, 28 Skinks, 12 Chameleons, 3 Terradons and Scar Vet on Cold One and Foot were the find.  Pretty amazing deal since the Slaan is $50 on his own.  I guess I know what army I'll be working on for the foreseeable future.

After returning from the tournament and packing up our home for most of July we made our move into our new home.  Hopefully by the next time I move we'll be well off enough to afford to pay someone to do all for the heavy lifting for us.  I'm not sure how much my poor back has left in it.
She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts kid.  Like in the basement.  Our new home came with a finished basement.  Downstairs are two bedrooms and a family room.  One of the bedrooms my wife let me convert a game room.  Needless to say I was enthused.

Its kind of hard to get a real proper scale from pictures but the room is 24'x13' not counting the alcove where my computer and board game shelf are, which is some serious square footage.  Also back behind the Warhammer table you can see a closet which is the full 13' across by 2-1/2' deep.  Plenty of storage for my terrain, armies, etc...  There is even an unfinished workshop space in the basement which is now my painting/modeling room.  Heaven.

In August I took the Dwarfs to a local 3 round tournament at 3K and ran a 2-1 record with them pretty much convincing myself that while the new book is OK I'm still pretty unsatisfied with it.  I wish GW would have changed a few things here and there but at least I'm not losing every game with them like I was when the book was first released.  I seem to have found a groove.

Finally just in the last week or so the release of Nagash has come upon us!  Holy cow, advancement of our story line.  New rules, armies, magic lores.  Really opens up the world to a lot of opportunities.  I was even ready to drop a boatload of cash on an undead army.  In fact I had one all lined up when much discussion amongst my friends convinced me to hold off.  For one I had already decided on only owning 4 armies ever at a single time which I already have now with the Lizards.  Secondly I currently have like 200+ modes in various stages of assembly/painting.  I really needed to get my stuff together before I went looking into a new army.  To that end I started pulling stuff out and the first thing on the painting table was this.
The Chapel piece had actually been done for quite sometime.  Like last summer I believe.  The Watchtower however needed to be finished and I just did so this evening.  I'm still working on the brick fence that encloses the side area of the building but that shouldn't take very long at all and I expect to have it done tomorrow.  Now about all that money I was going to drop on an army.  Well, I couldn't just let it go to waste now could I?
No, no I couldn't.  I was browsing e-bay when I ran across this big boy.  $75!  Well, $85 after shipping but that's nearly 1/2 off of Forge World prices.  Pretty hard to pass up.  I expect to receive him next week and it just so happens that Chuck is running a Storm of Magic tournament in Bloomington at the end of September.  I get to use his actual rules!  Woo hoo, excited!

Anyway, if you've spent this much time reading my post I appreciate it.  I really just wanted to let you loyal followers, listeners, readers know that I wasn't dead but that I'm still here and I'm nearly ready to jump back in the recording saddle.  Look for a new show to be out at the beginning of October.  I imagine by then quite a bit will have changed in the Warhammer World.  Lets hope its all for the better.

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