Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Episode #77: Assassins and Slayers

Hello and thanks for joining us on Episode 77 of the Waaagh Cast!

In this Episode friend Ryan G. and I get together to plays some small narrative scenario's from the old Skirmish book.  Namely the aptly titled Asssassin! and Slayers! scenarios.  I bet you can't guess what the stories are for these two games!

We talk about a couple of tournaments and as stated in the show here is the link to the Screw City GT.

The last half of the show is primarily us talking about hobby and all that we've done since our last show way back in June.  Hopefully it isn't too boring for you all to listen to.

As always, feel free to write the show, leave comments, reviews, suggestions, etc can all be emailed to us or left here on the blog.  Thanks for listening!

Picture 1 is the initial charge into the General's tent and the troops awaking to the sound of fighting.  The 2nd is the Assassin making off after the dirty deed has been done.

The Assassin makes it away in this final picture from the first scenario and the other pictures from the Giant turned out too blurry to really use, but if the one picture doesn't give you the idea of some Slayers about to find their doom, I don't know what will.

Download the show directly from this link: Episode #77
Run Time: 1 Hour 08 Minutes 54 Seconds

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