Monday, June 30, 2014

Episode #76: The Armory-Weapons

Good day everyone,

Thank you for joining me and my friends for Episode #76 of The Waaagh Cast!  A month late but still here I have to apologize for that.  June is always a very busy month for me with many birthdays, anniversaries and other family obligations and this year it just got in the way of me getting an Episode produced and out on time but here it is; what was intended to be June's show out now for July.  As I discuss in this show I must say ahead of time that I've sold my home and that I may be quite busy this month as well so don't be shocked if I don't get an August show out on time either.

To move on though, in this Episode I'm joined by friends of the show Ryan and Dave to go through a chunk of the main WHFB Rulebook discussing all the Magic Weapons available to everyone in the wider game.  Its an interesting topic to hear the different views and opinions on the items and who we think might be able to make use of some of them. 

Hopefully you enjoy the show and as always if you have questions, comments or feedback feel free to post it here, or get hold of us through e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.  Thanks for listening!

Download the show directly from this link: Episode #76
Run Time: 1 Hour 06 Minutes 01 Seconds

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Sword of bloodshed...WoC Great number of attacks already and when you can get your person poisoned attacks! Win.

Ogre Blade...WoC or VC where you have another way to get ASF

Spelltheiving Sword...Possible use against VC where their General will almost always see combat, but yes very situational.

Just my 2 cents