Saturday, November 2, 2013

Episode #70: Warhammer Battlefields: Border Wars

Hello everyone!
In this months Episode we discuss one of the newest of Games Workshops campaign supplements that came to us in the form of an iBook.   I'm joined for this series of episodes by another local friend Dave Dickey who hops on board to help me play out, discuss and review the campaign as we work our way through the  3 to 4 scenarios that it will consist of.  Released on Aug. 3rd. for the iPad it was designed as a two player 3 game campaign for you to build a story on much like the small Ladder Campaign (Territorial Dispute) that Chuck and I played back in October of 2012 for Extra Life which came from the old Generals Compendium.

We start out with a short intro with Dave as he explains a bit of his gaming past to us before moving onto the general review. We discuss the artwork, feel, ease of use, and content of the campaign. Then we break into our discussion of our games that we played for the campaign including a small skirmish game before a full scale game. You'll find below pictures from the game as well as download links to the show itself as usual.  Thanks for joining us and hopefully your looking forward to the December show and the next installment.

This is the only picture from our Skirmish gamed and was taken at the bottom of Turn 1.  As there are no other shots it's hard to give perspective on the game as it went, but that red piece is a wall and the white ribbons represent rivers.  The chariot bases are fences.  Listen to the show and you'll get some perspective on this game, but the Skaven won!
The initial setup with the scattered armies due to Scenario Special Rules.  You can really see here how jacked up it was.
Halfway through Turn 1 after my reinforcements had come on and the Rat Ogres were fleeing at this point.  Also note the tiny unit of Stormvermin.  I will simply refer to this henceforth as the Greyseer Calamity of 2013.
Bottom of 1 when the Ogres were chased from the table and the Skullcannon popped to the Slaves upon which they reformed.
Bottom of Turn 2 as Dave reforms his Bloodletters deep instead of wide.  What will turn out to be a likely tactical error later in the game.
Dave positions for the WLC as his BSB takes cover behind the ill-fated building int he center.
Beginning of the end, the Doomwheel takes off the BSB and the Slaves hit the Bloodletters while Dave pops the Slaves them and the Doomflayer did some good damage on the way in.
Thirster takes out the WLC as the Skullcrushers run from the Gutters and the Abom readies for extermination of the Letters.
Game is essentially over now.  The Thirster made his charge to the Stormvermin who fled and the Doomwheel hit his rear and blew him up.  The Abom does what he does with the Letters and we call the game a win for the Skaven.

Enjoy the show!

Download the show driectly from this link: Episode #70
Run Time: 85 Minutes 10 Seconds

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