Monday, August 19, 2013

Rise of Legends - Da Burna Boy'z (Pt. 5)

Joe checking back in here.  I haven't achieved much since my last post.  Frankly I'm at somewhat of an impasse as far as the models are concerned.  I really wanted to do a lot of converting, but I really lack the skill set for heavy sculpting talent.  As such you've seen pretty much everything I've done has been simple work.  Bits swapping, repositioning, adding small bits like bags, ropes and such.  I'd really like to do more; but now that I've mostly finished the models themselves I have to decide on a basing scheme.  I'm not really a fan of cork board bases, but I think I'll try it with these guys and see how it turns out.  Until I get to work on those bases though you can see what I've done recently below.

I realised that I hadn't yet made a guy with a flail for the 'Epic Flail' piece of Veteran Kit and so had to do that.  Using a number of Marauder Flails from an old Chaos army I once had the results are the guy below.

Also I added a stolen barrel of brew to the back of the Orc who I'd modeled carrying a torch.

Da Burna Boy'z!
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