Saturday, August 3, 2013

Episode #67: The Grudge of Drong Pt. 2

Hello Everybody,

Once again I'm joined by my fellow player Ryan G. as we get into the continued play and discussion of our 4th Ed. Campaign series for The Grudge of Drong.  In this episode we play out and discuss Scenario 2: Ambush on the Dwarf Road.  In the first half of the show we quickly run down a synopsis of the campaign's storyline thus far and the results of the previous scenario.  Then we discuss the current scenario and all that goes with it before we finally discuss our game.  After a short commercial interlude we talk about what we've been up to personally in the hobby before we leave you for another month.

You can click below to expand this article and see the pictures from the Battle Report.

Ryan Turn 1
Joe Turn 1
Ryan Turn 2
Joe Turn 2 - Game

Enjoy the show!

Download the show driectly from this link: Episode #67
Run Time: 59 Minutes 57 Seconds

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