Saturday, July 30, 2011

Episode 64 : The Storm Crashes Down

Episode 64 : The Storm Crashes Down

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and Schone Doville
  2. News/Rumors/Feature : Warhammer Forge, Vampire Counts, Power Scroll, Ogre Rumors, Core Competency
  3. Feature : The Storm Crashes Down
We start our episode out as normal covering our wonderful sponsors. We then delve into our fairly... well into Chucks fairly heavy week as he attended a tournament 'Invasion Kenosha 3' while I only just managed to get a single game in since our last episode. Its good to hear that Chuck and the others did well and The Waaagh Cast! won the Club Award at the tournament. We get out of our weeks and into some extensive news/rumors segments.

Warhammer Forge released a character riding their latest beast, the Carmine Dragon. We then get into all the new Vampire Counts things being put up on advance order. We cut through our thoughts on them as well as a little bit of rules rumors for them that are reported to be in the newest edition of White Dwarf magazine. We also disccuss an erata that is rumored to be in White Dwarf as well which is very interesting and really gets us kind of excited. We finally cover some Ogre Kingdoms rumors from Warseer before plugging Core Competency again and then get into our main segment that you'll just have to listen to!

Warhammer Forge: Elspeth Von Draken on Carmine Dragon

Advance Order: Vampire Counts

Ogre Rumors on Warseer:

Core Competency Link:

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Yaji said...

Noooooo! All the fantasy podcasts are dying. Only Heelanhammer left..

Will miss you

John Gaszak said...

Joe/Chuck - Thru your podcast I have gotten to know both of you and become inspired by your personal journey thru the hobby. Since becoming a listener, I have gotten to know both of you and now consider you friends. Your podcast will be missed.

Catachan1brainleaf said...

Sorry to hear the podcast is coming to an end .

Dwarfenstein said...

Sorry to hear it guys, thanks for the years of mind numbing information! Picked you up early after you posted a link in Bugman's Brewery.

PS: If you have any of those Waaaghcast dice left feel free to send em my way!!!

eeore said...

Having listened since the start, it is a shame that the podcast is ending. You have been a good friend on painting nights, for which I am grateful.

Good luck to you.

The Bobo said...

Sorry to hear that you're leaving the podcast. Been with you for some time now. My painting sessions will be lonely without the podcast.

FBroundup said...

Thanks for your contribution to the online community guys!

CFS said...

Noooo!!!! As a fellow podcaster and devotee to your show...:(( Nooooo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so, Joe! You guys got me into podcasting.... Noooo!!!! Seriously bad/sad news...


The Other Spencer said...

Thanks for all of the great episodes guys. I appreciate all the hard work you both have done and really enjoyed the podcast.

Swissdictator said...

Sad to hear this podcast is ending, it was a great show and it was nice getting to know you guys at events as well. I hope to see you around!