Saturday, July 2, 2011

Episode 62 : Game Gab

Episode 62 : Game Gab

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and Chris Mullins
  2. News/Rumors/Feature : Storm of Magic Pre-order, Black Library, Warhammer Forge, Avatars of War and Far Future
This show we have a newer player who just recently started playing Fantasy join us and add a little bit of a new voice tot he show. We go over our large number of games since we've all been to a local tournament as of late and I've been at two. A lot of other gab is in this, but we stay on target fairly well.

The latter half of the show is all news. We discuss prices and thoughts on all the Storm of Magic pre-orders. We move through to some Black Library books, two of which are tie-ins to the Storm of Magic release. A new Dragon released by Forge World and finally a new Wood Elf Hero released by Avatars of War!

Storm of Magic Pre-orders:

Black Library:
Razumov's Tomb:



Warhammer Forge: Carmine Dragon

Avatar of War: Wood Elf Hero

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Steve aka "Noght" said...

Did you catch the part from the Dwarf/Skaven Player and the O&G player complaining that the Wood Elf Army is Overpowered? As the Wood Elf player commented on I find that to be a bit silly, there is nothing in the Wood Elf Army that is OP. Don't confuse good tactics as an Army being OP :).

Joe Flesch said...

LOL! I wondered if you'd say anything bout it! We thought it'd be funny to raz ya.

Steve aka "Noght" said...

Don't mind the razing, I've been on a good run with them. I chuckled when you got to the end and lamented the Brets and Wood Elves were hampered by "old" books. Pick a lane :). That being said I should play your 2200 point Skaven list and Paul's Beastmen just to "smooth" some things over.

Joe Flesch said...

I'd probably lose to you with the Skaven; I don't have enough experience with that army yet to do well; out of the 9 or so games I've played I think I've only won 2 or 3.

eeore said...

Very sneaky.

I've been checking in for a week and each time all I saw was the 4th July post, so I thought you hadn't updated.

Steve aka "Noght" said...

Don't assume you will lose with Skaven, so much magic/flaming combo weapons are nasty, destroying Treekin and Treeman. Huge number of ratz still make it to combat against moderate shooting. Dryads are killy but don't break ranks. Skaven are a tough fight, almost as bad as your Dwarves.

Brawndo said...

I would like to see this, I say grudge at next event!