Saturday, July 16, 2011

Episode 63 : The Storm Hits

Episode 63 : The Storm Hits

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and Paul Frischkorn
  2. News/Rumors/Feature : Black Library, Warhammer Forge, Blood Bowl?, F.A.Q.'s, Core Competency
  3. Feature : Storm of Magic Discussion
We as always throw out our wonderful Sponsors first, Gryfalia's and CCG as well as our singular sponsor Paul. We just want to let you know how much we appreciate all our listeners and sponsors. We cover a pretty quick hit of our weeks in Warhammer which weren't completely eventful. We do cover my first game of Storm of Magic with the Dwarf's Vs. Brettonians. Decidedly SoM is a very interesting expansion to Warhammer. We push through the News/Rumors covering a couple of Black Library Novels, the new Dread Quake Mortar from Forge World, strange scuttlebutt about Blood Bowl a quick note about the latest F.A.Q.'s and finally a lengthy interview with Alex Gonzalez the tournament organizer of Core Competency.

For our feature segment we delve into the Storm of Magic expansion for Warhammer. We cover most of the ground rules for what is involved with the game and the basic SoM scenario. We go through the new special miscast table for SoM. We also take a touch on a number of the magic items and discuss a bit of our thoughts on the Bestiary section and why exactly it excites us to play this game.

Black Library Novels:
Nagash Immortal

Hour of Shadow

Warhammer Forge: Dread Quake Mortar

Warhammer F.A.Q.: Tomb Kings and Lizardmen
Link to GW's F.A.Q. Page

Core Competency GT Information:
September 24th and 25th; Core Comp. is a 2400 Point's, Special Characters are allowed. You must bring an 'Ambassador' model on no larger than a 40mm base. The theme for this year is 'Real Gamers Wear Pink' in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Your Ambassador should be wearing a Pink Ribbon or some kind of Pink should be on the model. You should bring 7 copies of your list, 1 for each opponent, yourself and the T.O. Registration is $35 before Sept. 1st and $40 afterwards. You can pre-register by using PayPal at e-mail:
Locasion is:
1524 Butterfield Rd. Suite A
Downers Grove, IL. 60515

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Steve aka "Noght" said...

Hey @ 19 min you talked about Rivers and affect on Ranks, re-read it. If ANY portion of the unit is in the River, you lose Steadfast and Ranks, not the majority (you're thinking Forest).

Joe Flesch said...

Tell Chuck; he's the one said it wrong. :p

Brawndo said...

gotcha! rivers kill ranks and steadfast ;)