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Episode 56 : Post Adepticon

Episode 56 : Post Adepticon

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and singularly by Donald Duval
  2. News/Rumors : Gale Force 9, Tomb Kings, Contest Winner, 'Ard Boy'z Scenario's
  3. Feature : Interviews from Adepticon
This episode Chuck and I delve into my post-Adepticon goodness. Our discussion of recent events therefore is fairly lengthy. I discuss in short each day I spent at Adepticon. Friday my 1k 'It's How You Use It' tournament. Then Saturday and Sunday I go quickly over all 6 of my games from 'The Stupor Bowl' Blood Bowl tournament. We discover that Adepticon is, as always I really great time! The news/rumors section see's us discussing a lot of new stuff that Gale Force 9 is bringing out for Warhammer Fantasy players. We then move on to Games Workshop's newest pre-release Tomb Kings models along with some rumors dug up from a couple of forums. We go over the 'Ard Boy'z scenario's at the end.

The main segment of the show involves us very little. While I was at Adepticon I managed to do exactly what I'd planned while playing in the Blood Bowl tournament which was do interviews with multiple people of interest. I've got short 10 or so minute interviews with Nathan Long from Black Library, Ronni from Mantic Games, Joe from Gale Force 9, Mike Muller from N.A.F. and Stupor Bowl and finally a very short shot with Craig Gallant and Rafe Granger from The D6 Generation.

Insanely at the end of everything I somehow managed to delete the last probably 10 minutes of this episode so it will end quite abruptly after the interview with Craig and Rafe. Oops... Still, I hope you all enjoy!

Gale Force 9 - Tokens, Trays and Fantasy Terrain:

Games-Workshop - Tomb Kings Models:

YouTube Video's from Adepticon! and GF9 Tower of Woe:
Adepticon Random Clips

Blood Bowl:Day 1 Clips and Awards

Blood Bowl:Day 2 Awards

Gale Force 9:Tower of Woe

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