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Episode 57 : Bowls of Blood

Episode 57 : Bowls of Blood

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games
  2. News/Rumors : Warhammer Forge, Storm of Magic, Avatar of War, Waaagh Aerie, 'Ard Boy'z Round 2 Talk
  3. Feature : Blood Bowl Chatter
We begin the show on a somber note as one of our long time Warhammer Friends from Central Illinois passed in the last two weeks from a long battle with cancer. After a moment of silent respect we move along into what we've been doing. Discussion of our 'Ard Boy'z games along with our usual business fills the first chunk of the show naturally before we move into some nice news/rumors segments. We go into Warhammer Forge's latest models from the Chaos side the Tamurkhan on Toad Dragon, Sayl the Faithless with Nightmaw and finally Kazyk the Befouled on Rotbeast.

We move along afterward into Games Workshops announcement of a WHFB expansion set for release in July according to their blog. Our thoughts on the increased idea of big monsters and even crazier magic than is currently in the system. We see that Avatars of War has finally put up the 'Berserker' (see Slayer) plastic regiment up for pre-order which excites all the Dwarf players out there. We mention the date of our next tournament we'll be running in Bloomington Illinois on the 25th of June. We discuss some future of extra shows.

Finally I get together with Jason Christian a wonderful player I met at Adepticon this year to go over some Blood Bowl! Him and his friends are avid players of the game and since I'd wanted to do a show about Blood Bowl before Adepticon and didn't get to it, I figured I should definitely take the opportunity to get to it afterward. We cover just the bare bones basics in our discussion so look for some more in depth discussion in a later episode. Hopefully you guys and or gal's enjoy the show!

Forge World:

Games Workshop - Storm of Magic:

Avatar of War - Dwarf Berserkers:

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'Ard Boy'z Round 2 Scenarios:
2nd Round Scenario's from GW's Site

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