Sunday, March 27, 2011

Episode 55 : O&G Discussion

Episode 55 : O&G Discussion

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and singularly by Tim Cleese
  2. News/Rumors : Avatar of War, Mantic-Games, Fantasy Flight Games, 'Ard Boy'z, Forge World, Adepticon, Midwest Rampage and Invasion Kenosha
  3. Feature : O&G Discussion from Chuck & Da-Warpath!
This show comes at you an extra week late which means an extra helping of news. Great that we have something to talk about that's coming up with hobby since it's been so slow recently. We also have a small chunk of 'what we've been doing' since it's been a while which mostly involves me playing Blood Bowl and getting ready for Adepticon. New's and Rumors kicks off a lot of upcoming stuff. Avatar of War has a new model out, Mantic Games is getting out their Orc line along with a 2 player game I presume which is their version of Warhammer Quest. Fantasy Flight releases a expansion pack for Chaos in The Old World board game. 'Ard Boy'z tournament dates, store locations and preliminary scenario's are released!

We also discuss some Forge World models that are to be available at Adepticon which leads us into a quick overview of the list of Vendors who will be present at Adepticon this year. Finally we wrap up the segment with discussion of two Indy GT's coming up in the near future, Midwest Rampage and Invasion Kenosha III. For our feature segment Chuck takes a lot of notes from a thread he stasrted on Da-Warpath O&G forums and discusses some community thoughts for Q&A's and things that people feel are and are not good from the 8th edition Army Book. Also I should say that in an effort to have this show posted only a week late instead of a week+ we forgoe pretty much all the usual editing from the show so there are some definite spots you'll hit that sound sloppy. What a pity right? I hope you all enjoy the show and I look forward to meeting a great many of you at Adepticon this coming weekend!

Avatar of War - Marauder Warlord:

Orc Warriors:

YouTube of Dwarf Kings Hold!:

Fantasy Flight Chaos in The Old World Expansion:

'Ard Boy'z Information:>

Forge World Adepticon Hellsmith:

Adepticon Vendor Hall Line-up:
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Indy GT's MWR & Invasion Kenosha:
Midwest Rampage:
Invasion Kenosha III:

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warhammer tau said...

Next thing I know, he has adapted the rules for a Roman vs. German scenario with 28mm minis. I was delighted.