Sunday, March 6, 2011

Episode 54 : Potpourri

Episode 54 : Potpourri

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and singularly by Grant Fetter
  2. News/Rumors : Avatar of War, Black Library, Warhammer Forge, Battlefoam Raffle for Adepticon
  3. Feature : Free Form
We start off the show thanking our sponsors and all those who joined us for our 1st life recording before moving on to our 'What's been up segment' where we discuss some games we've had lately. We talk a bit about the painting contest on our forums that we've been doing for a couple weeks now. For our News/Rumors we discuss yet another new Avatar of War Dwarf character. A fair chunk of Black Library news as far as new books, ebooks and a number of audio books being made available through them. We also throw out the info for a Raffle being held at Adepticon by Battlefoam which if your going you will probably be interested in.

Our main feature doesn't really exist this time as such. We have no real specific topic that we discuss, but we answer some questions from the live chat room at the time of recording as well as take a couple of phone calls. As a result we talk about a lot of random stuff and have a good chunk of information dropped on us about the Blood in The Sun tournament in Northern Illinois in July.

Avatar of War - Dwarf Noble :
Avatar of War Site Link

Black Library Link :
Black Library Link

Warhammer-Forge Pics / Links :
Warhammer Forge Link

Adepticon Link - Battlefoam Raffle Link :
Adepticon News Page Link

Blood in The Sun GT
Blood in The Sun Main Website

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