Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Episode 21 : Tales of Battle Interview

Episode 21 : Tales of Battle Interview

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Ryan Goleman
  2. Listener E-mail : Doug MacDonald, Mark Attard, Owen from Wales, Chris, Triplediamonds
  3. News/Rumors : New GT, Battlefoam Trade-in, AB 3.2 Preview Video, Red Orktober Video, FFG Chaos Marauder
  4. Feature : Interview with Ben Burns creator of Tales of Battle Magazine
This show brought to you by Ryan Goleman who sponsors us to say that I am a tool; and consequently force me to say it because he's paying me. We get a number of listener e-mails which as always we discuss on the air. We have some news regarding a newer GT that the organizer asked me to plug; the Battlefoam Trade-in program is officially up and running! Army Builder 3.2 has a preview video on YouTube and also on YouTube a video at Chicago GD of the Red Orktober for those that didn't get to see it at Adepticon. Finally Fantasy Flight has announced release of a previous GW card game called Chaos Marauder! last published in 1987.

For the feature we get together with Ben Burns from the Tales of Battle magazine produced here in the US. It is a magazine which in his own words is about "real armies, real army lists, real tactics and most importantly, real battle reports from Independent run Grand Tournaments". We discuss what got him into this idea nad where he plans on taking it. The magazine is currently small but growing and the number of people who have flocked to it's first 2 issues is impressive to say the least. So sit back and enjoy!

Link to Tales of Battle!:

Link to Invasion Kenosha GT:

Link to Fantasy Flight Games "Chaos Marauder" page:

YouTube Video of Army Builder 3.2:

YouTube Video of the Red Orktober:

Pictures of the new FFG game Chaos Marauder:

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Anonymous said...

Was this the same one that was at Adepticon back a couple months!

Well if it was and i am 99.9% sure it is this thing is huge.

I love Red Orkober!

Chuck said...

I like the Army builder early release tutorial. It should have shown the WHF side of it instead of the 40k but many options should be the same.


chuck said...

awesome episode