Friday, July 24, 2009

Episode 20 : A Little 'Ard Boy'z Talk

Episode 20 : A Little 'Ard Boy'z Talk

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Josh Lavine from Iowa
  2. Listener E-mail : Dwarfenstein, Alen Carpenter, Jon Fox, Michael Jordal, Scott Laskey, Ashley Morris, Chris, Zach Bair, Tim Lancaster
  3. News/Rumors : Chaos in the Old World, Azhag the Slaughterer, Avatar of War, Battle Foam, Blastscape Craters by GW
  4. Feature : A little bit of discussion on the upcoming 'Ard Boy'z
This episode is sponsored by Josh Lavine from Iowa who appreciates the show! We address a number of listener e-mails and have a 1st! My 1st e-mail from a girl and the UK! All in one at that. A lot of good suggestions from Tim Lancaster which we plan on acting on a few of them. We talk about some news such as release date for FFG's game Chaos in the Old World, a rumored release for the new Azhag model, new Avatar of War models, Battle Foam trade in's and finally the horrifyingly bad BlastScape craters.

For the feature of the show we discuss our lists for this years 'Ard Boy'z as they stand right now; and what we expect. We also reminice about last years 'Ard Boy'z Tournaments and grumble about our losses. Skype be damned it did the funky voice thing again 1/2 way through the discussion and you'll notice our voices suddenly become much deeper. Perhaps were just sexy like that. Hoep you enjoy!

Link to Zach Bair's Winter Wood Elf Slideshow:

Links to the new Avatar of War Models: (Vampire Countess (High Elf Mage)

Link to the Battlefoam Trade-in announcement:

Link to the BlastScape crater discussion on Dakkadakka:

Pic of the new Azhag Model:

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Episode Length 1hr 20min 31sec


Chris said...

Great Episode but I would like to know about the scenarios asap

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