Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chaos in the old world!

FFG has done their news videos from GenCon and for those interested on Day 3 there is a demo of the game being played!!! Go check it out; clip is 2 minutes 10 seconds in. Kind of interesting and nice to see the board and some of the pieces along with a little bit of game mechanic.


Duncan M said...


What do you think of the recent slew of FFG Warhammer releases? Looking forward to them or can nothing replace WH Quest for you?

Joe Flesch said...

While I love me some WHQ I am really happy with what FFG is doing. It's nice to see a company run with the licensing to GW's great products. I'm looking forward to Chaos Marauder; but probably wont purchase CitOW (Chaos in the Old World) myself. After flipping through the instruction booklet I think it'd wear my patience.