Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Episode 19 : Top 5 Other Games

Episode 19 : Top 5 Other Games

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Josh Holt &
  2. Listener E-mail : Eric Lee, Transfatty Acid, Joseph B., Ric Harwood
  3. News/Rumors : Forums, Warvault Webring, Sponsorships, Army Pics, Army Builder 3.2, Lizardman F.A.Q., GW Paint Tool Advance Order, Warhammer Roleplay V-3.0, Contest Winner
  4. Feature : Top 5 Other Games of Joe Flesch and Jason Justice
This episode is sponsored by Josh Holt and the forums. We start with listener e-mails/comments about the show stating how they enjoyed the battle report, but want more. Also discuss a small empire list hoping to impart a little advice to a new player. News and Rumors brings us information on the new show forums, warvault, sponsorship news, my Dwarf army pictures, some talk about AB 3.2; announcement of the Lizardman FAQ, some GW paint tools, a new version of WHFRP 3.0 and our contest winner!

For the main feature of the show I'm joined by Jason Justice from the Miscast Podcast to discuss our top 5 games we play other than Warhammer Fantasy. For some reason Skype hated us during this recording and somehow my voice got slowed down at some point so about halfway into the discussion my voice changes and there was no way I was going to have time to re-record this before I leave for my family reunion so I apologize but you folks are just going to have to deal with it. Hope you enjoy even with it's faults!

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Lizardman F.A.Q.

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Pictures of the Scibor Bases:

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Chuck said...

Great episode, and I liked the failed dice spot! Too bad Cohosts can't win with their general running 3 inches away from Dwarfs!

Dwarfenstein said...


Didn't really like this episode very well. Maybe when your co-host isn't available think about another video or find some other WH related topic that guest co-hosts can provide an alternative prospective on.