Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Times They Are A Changing...

Hello all,
So episodes late again. :) Oh well. I've come to accept something here and that is I see the podcast as an extension of the hobby. A hobby that we as hobbyists relentlessly spend all our money on without recompense to ourselves.

As such I will no longer be asking for sponsorships of $10.00 for the show. If you'd like to sponsor an episode just donate any amount of money you'd like. Honestly $.25 cents if you want would work. If you would like to donate your welcome too and I'll accept those donations and funnel the money back into the show.

I am also biting down and saying that the chances of me honestly getting an episode out every two weeks as planned is squashed. I'd like to be able to do such; however family comes first and lately that (and a busted crappy computer) has been slowing/stopping me from completing this task.

I will continue to update the blog and photo section as often as I can get to it; but I wanted my listeners to be aware of whats going on with the PodCast. I'll still do it; but I guess what I'm saying is don't count on a schedule as I obviously cannot stick to one. I do have a new episode done and will be editing it and posting it tonight. It's some tourney coverage from a local 1750 so stay tuned for that.

Gotta go; thanks for listening!

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