Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More New Lizard Pics

Got some more new lizardmen pics from Warseer! Terradon with Skink Rider, a painted Kroxigor and the new temple guard.


Anonymous said...

Terradon and Kroxigor look good cannot say the same for the plastic Temple Guard. It is nice that they will be making them part of the plastic kit for the Saurus Warriors. I know a lot of time and money goes into designing plastics so there is no sense in being overly critical when GW decides to let a metal model go plastic. Besides sometimes photos are misleading and the model looks better when you put it together at lease that was true of the plastic HE RBT.

Anonymous said...

I will say that too. When the fig comes in the box and all you see are teh pictures its usually misleading. There are usually other arms, legs, or heads to throw on the figs plus they don't inlcude conversions. Converisons usually count for bonus points at tournaments and the oo's and ahh's from other players, but they have to show the basics for the beginners so they know what to expect!