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Adepticon 2015 - The Aftermath...

So it’s now April and its been a couple of weeks since Adepticon ended.  What a glorious time it was for me and everyone else involved.  While I'll obviously talk plenty about Adepticon on the podcast I thought I'd make a post here on the blog and stick all of my battle reports on here, since I imagine I won’t cover them too much on the show.

Showed up Thursday morning and played in both of the 1,000 Point How You Use It Tournaments.  Skaven in the AM and my Dwarfs in the PM.  Helped staff during the Team Tournament on Friday, played Regiments of Renown that evening.  Staffed the Championships on Saturday, played Warbands Saturday night and finally helped staff on Sunday.

I can without question attest that I am indeed getting older as on Saturday I was feeling super worn down and tired.  It didn't get much better from there with me becoming physically ill on Sunday afternoon.  I blame the hotel food, but it may have just been that combined with lack of sleep.  It’s really quite difficult to say.  I really enjoyed the vendor hall this year as the new venue provided a larger space than the previous hotel. That isn't to say that I liked this hotel better overall as I think I actually prefer the Weston.

I want to take a moment to sum up my overall thoughts on Adepticon as a whole and I think the best or at least easiest way to get that information across is simply in a list.

Hotel: Was ok, it’s a give or take.  Bigger, brighter, slightly more expensive.  I did hear some complaints about uncourteous or unhelpful staff, but did not experience these things for myself.

Food: Overpriced hotel food; Weston gets the 1 up on this for Target and the mall food court being in walking distance providing more options.

Cost: Slightly more expensive as I said, but not enough to stop me from attending again, maybe at most like $20 total more.

Vendors: To me it seemed like there were a lot more vendors although I distinctly noticed the lack of a couple long time vendors, Armorcast and Sabol Designs.  There were however quite a few new vendors, and a lot of new miniature games being shown, which is cool.

Attendance: I don't have the actual numbers information for the con, but overall it really appeared that attendance was hurt this year across the board as far as Games Workshop events were concerned.  There are a myriad of factors that could be to blame for this.  New editions, rule sets, venue, time of year, cost, etc...  It’s hard to really point the finger at one thing and say that it was at fault.

Swag: The con is still throwing good swag your way just for showing up to the event and Privateer Press continues to knock it out of the park throwing starter boxes in and this year giving out a free rulebook of your choice, either Hordes or War Machine.  Talk about trying to convert you, but still you have to appreciate the effort.

Prize Support: For the winners of the tournaments I heard that the prizes were quite nice this year as far as product was concerned.  Other than that the customary plaques and this year certificates for a myriad of smaller events in small frames.  They seemed a bit cheap but I'm happy with something rather than nothing.  Also it should be stated that even with small certificate in frame you still got good product for prizes as I'll discuss later.

So those are my general thoughts.  Some highlights for the weekend definitely included some serious victories.  I played without question my best Adepticon performance ever, playing 12 games over the weekend and walking away with a 10-2 record.  I won all 3 games in the AM How You Use It event but with low point wins I only managed to walk away in 5th place; I won 2 of 3 in the PM event with my Dwarfs and probably robbed myself of a good shot at the 3rd as you can read about in the Battle Report.  The Regiments of Renown I won all 3 games and managed Best Overall netting me that certificate in glass and a new Cauldron of Blood.  Finally in Warbands I managed a 2 out of 3 and got Best Appearance netting me a nice Battlefront Miniatures Paint and Weathering Sets.  So in all I probably got away with roughly $120+ in product from the 2 awards.  No complaints from me.

Also, some of my better finds from the vendor hall included a bare plastic 2nd hand Steam Tank for $25, a current edition bare plastic Giant for $25 and a smattering of other smaller miniatures.  Again, very happy with the vendor hall.  There was even a vendor there who (and this is who I got the Tank and Giant from) was selling 2nd hand cheaper and in better or as good a shape than the usual vendor who sets up in the hallway.  I know my friend got a metal Lizardmen Blood Bowl team for I think $17 whereas the guy in the hall probably (if his teams I saw were any indication) would've wanted more along the lines of $30/40+.

So overall I was quite pleased with my experience at Adepticon. Not that I expected I wouldn't be.  I will of course attend again in the future given the opportunity and monetary ability to cover it.  I actually did come home with money this year so, all told I managed to get away with a 4 day trip at under $400 which isn't too bad.  If you've never been to Adetpicon and are considering it than I still highly recommend it; but remember to pace yourself.  This con can be long and really take it out of you as it did me this year.

At this point I'm going to post my Battle Reports.  If your not the kind of person who is usually interested in reading a lot about other people’s games than this is probably the point at which I'll bid you farewell and thank you for reading today.


1,000 Point’s How You Use It -AM

Under the assumption that fewer people will be present physically or mentally in the morning I always play my hard list in the morning session. Better chances of actual victory. Probably not true but it usually works out for a 2-1 record. This year’s list was Skaven.

My List:
Greyseer - Lore of Ruin x4
Warlock Engineer - Level 1, Warp Energy Condenser
24 Slaves - Shields
25 Clanrats - Standard, Musician, Shields, Warpfire Thrower
5 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings
5 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings
Warp Lightning Cannon

Round 1: Ogre Kingdoms

Butcher - Level 2, Ironcurse Icon, Lore of the Maw
Butcher - Level 1, Lore of the Maw
7 Ironguts - Full Command, Gleaming Pendant
7 Ogres - Standard, Musician, Ironfists

Dawn Attack
Bonuses for killing the General and reducing opponent’s fortitude.  Secondary bonuses for controlling terrain with a unit that generates fortitude.

Skaven Turn 1:
I go first, pushing slightly forward with the blocks and putting the warpfire thrower into a building. The Greyseer skitterleaps into one of the gutter runner blocks who are positioned to the flank of his Ironblaster with his Ironguts on the other side. I throw cracks call hitting both. I miscast with a big template wounding all 5 Gutter Runners and the Seer. I then make 4 out of 5 of my 6+ Ward Saves. Clearly the dice love me. The blaster lives and I kill 1 Irongut. I put every poison sling I have into it causing 3 wounds. WLC misfires but does not explode.

Ogres Turn 1:
All units move forward; operation grill is in effect. High casts a template on the WLC which scatters off. Shoots the WLC with IB but only gets 1 wound.

Skaven Turn 2:
Greyseer miscasts cracks call again killing another Irongut. This time he blows his unit up but does not wound himself. I swear it seems like only Skaven can have this kind of luck. The Doomwheel gets close enough to blast 2 more Ironguts. WLC shoots and kills to regular Ogres.

Ogres Turn 2:
Ironguts charge flank of the Doomwheel. The regular Ogres long charge and hit the WLC. Casts +1S and +1T on the Ironguts. He easily blows the WLC up and breaks the Doomwheel but does not catch it.

Skaven turn 3:
Doomwheel rallies to kill another 2 Ironguts. Greyseer & Warlock Engineer put missiles into the Ogres killing 1.

Ogres Turn 3:
Charges the Slaves with his Ogres and the Wheel with his last Irongut and Butcher. Slaves flee through Clanrats, he redirects but does not make the charge. He hits and kills the Wheel.

Skaven Turn 4:
The Engineer, Warpfire Thrower and Greyseer combine to blast off the last Irongut and Butcher. The Slaves rally. The Clanrats prepare for the charge.

Ogres Turn 4:
Ogres charge the Clanrats. It is a long charge, I flee. He does not catch me. He concedes.

I felt bad. I knew this would be a seriously uphill game for my opponent from the start. Everything in this list had the ability to just outright kill models with multiple wounds and initiative tests. He was going uphill from the start. Even if we'd continued and he got both the Clanrats and Slaves I still would have had the victory. The fact that I miscast twice on spells I was only throwing 3 dice at sucked but so is the luck of the Skaven. I felt confident going in and played rather aggressively which worked out for me.

Round 2: High Elves

Mage - Level 2, Channeling Staff, Talisman of Endurance, Lore of High Magic
Mage - Level 1, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Protection, Lore of Beasts
12 Archers - Musician, Champion
12 Spearmen
10 Phoenix Guard - Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame
5 Dragon Princes - Champion, Sword of Anti-Heros, Enchanted Shield
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower

Bonus for having three units that generate fortitude in the center at the end of the game. Secondary bonuses for controlling terrain with a unit that generates fortitude.

Skaven Turn 1:
Moved some rats up to a fence for cover, another unit just to the left of a house. Gutter Runners scouted next to the flank of his Phoenix Guard and High wizard. Magic shot off 7 Spearmen with the Beasts wizard who then panicked through the Dragon Princes and off the board. Gutters shot the PG but only kill 1. Doomwheel misfired and drove off in a random direction. WLC killed the Bolt Thrower. Magic missile shot off 2 Dragon Princes.

High Elf Turn 1:
PG turn to face Gutters. Knights move to intercept the Doomwheel. No magic or shooting worked.

Skaven Turn 2:
Gutters moved around the PG flanks out of charge arcs. Doomwheel charged the Dragon Princes. No magic. Gutters shot off a couple archers. Doomwheel shot off the Dragon Princes before combat.

High Elf Turn 2:
PG turn again to face a unit of Gutters. Spears charge the Doomwheel and lose with the DW pursuing and catching. Archers turned and shot at some Gutters. Magic missiles knocked the rest of that unit off.

Skaven Turn 3:
Gutters that are left go around the a building for cover. Greyseer miscasts on a magic missile and kills 1/2 my own Slave unit but also kills 6 archers who panic and run. Doomwheel moves towards the PG.

High Elf Turn 3:
Archers rally. Magic does nothing.

Skaven Turn 4:
Magic Missiles finish off the Archers as the Doomwheel continues to close in on the PG.

High Elf Turn 4:
Throws a large Soul Quench at the DW. I let it off to give him a shot at maybe killing it as a kind of peace offering for the inevitable win. He rolls poorly and only gets 1 wound. He concedes.

There's a concession thing brewing here. I can't believe the luck I had in this game. The panicking Spears and Wizard. The Doomwheel blasting the Princes off before combat. He made serious tactical errors circling around to face the Gutters when the PG could have easily ignored them and walked around to do something better with their time. He also couldn't get a magic phase of use to save his life; I felt bad for him.

Round 3: Lizardmen

Slaan - Wandering Deliberations, Reservoir of Eldritch Energy, Harmonic Convergence, Soul of Stone, BSB, Standard of Discipline, Channeling Staff
10 Skink Cohort - Full Command
10 Skink Cohort - Full Command
24 Saurus Warriors - Full Command
Salamander - Extra Handler

Blood & Glory
Bonus for breaking your opponent and not being broken. Secondary bonuses for controlling terrain with a unit that generates fortitude.

*Side note; I was excited this round to find myself playing Michael Jordal. Having known him for years now in the community, I don't recall every having played him and it seemed like it would be quite the fun game.

Lizardmen Turn 1:
He deployed his Saurus block near a building with Slaan. Hid the Skinks behind terrain for the easy capture later and ran his Salamander right up the middle. Used magic to do 1 wound to the WLC and Salamander burned off 2 Gutters.

Skaven Turn 1:
Moved the Gutters way out on the flank of the Salamander and shot at it doing I think 2 wounds, 1 to it and 1 handler. Magic was low and did nothing. Moved forward slightly. Send the Doomwheel out towards the Salamander but as it was closer to the Gutters at the time I restrained shooting. WLC got a good shot and killed 9 Saurus.

Lizardmen Turn 2:
The Slaan and Saurus decided at 9 dead it was time to turn and hide in the building. At least with the D6 random I wouldn't be killing 9 again. Shoots another fireball at me and miscasts killing 4 more Saurus. Salamander burned 6 Slaves and I pass the panic.

Skaven Turn 2:
Doomwheel kills the Salamander after moving. Gutters turn towards nearby Skinks hiding behind a hill. Again slack magic phase. WLC misfires does not fire.

Lizardmen Turn 3:
Decides to either shit or get off the pot. Steps out of building to get into range and throws his magic at a giant fireball towards the Seer either hoping to panic him off or outright kill him. 6 dice = miscast. Blasts 11 of the Clanrats off but I hold on my LD 7 check. Miscast kills another 3 Saurus.

Skaven Turn 3:
We all knew where this was going. With the Saurus and Slaan now at a unit size of only 9 I throw 6 dice at the Dreaded 13th and while I don't get irresistible but I do get a 27. He throws I think 7 dice and failed to stop me. I now have a unit of 9 Clanrats on his side of the table. The Doomwheel peels off after some Skinks and with the Gutters in tow.

Lizardmen Turn 4:
Skink unit behind the building moves in to ensure objective point. Other Skinks run hoping to escape the Doomwheel/Gutters.

Skaven Turn 4:
I shoot the Skinks and reform my new unit towards the building for eventual assault.

Lizardmen Turn 5:
Skinks reform to try and shoot at me. Nothing results.

Skaven Turn 5:
Doomwheel and Gutters finish off the unit of Skinks breaking the fortitude of the Lizards.

A great game. We both went into this game knowing I was going to be trying to 13th the Slaan and Michael clearly knew that the only way to avoid it was to get rid of the unit with the Seer in it. Once the Salamander was dead the only way to achieve that was to use the Slaan and with me having the Gutters and Doomwheel rolling around to take out his other 2 small Skink units he decided it was go big or go home so he went for it. Having failed to eliminate the threat I felt I should oblige the go big mentality and went for it getting it. Was a great game against a great opponent and I was thrilled to have won all 3 games in the AM session.

End of the AM:
Sadly, and I knew this going into it as all of my games were low victories as I didn't have enough fortitude to get all the points from terrain capturing I did not win the tournament. In fact I placed 5th Overall. Not a disappointing performance in the least but I was hoping I might snag General but it was not to be. Oh well, maybe next year.

1,000 Point’s How You Use It -AM

Now onto the PM session and being under the impression that most people will be there and that I'll have put my best foot forward in the AM I will play a list with no intention of doing anything other than having a good time rolling dice. Hooray Dwarfs! It turned out that my luck hadn't quie abandoned me yet though and I found myself winning games I felt I had no right to be winning.

My List:
Master Engineer - Rune of Stone
11 Quarrelers - Shields
15 Longbeards - Standard, Musician, Shields
15 Ironbreakers - Standard, Musician, Shields
Cannon - Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
Organ Gun - Rune of Accuracy

Round 1: Bretonnia

Lord - Heartwood Lance, Gromril Great Helm, Knights Vow
Paladin - Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Knights Vow
7 Knights of the Realm - Full Command
9 Knights of the Realm - Full Command
9 Knights of the Realm - Full Command

Meeting Engagement

Bonuses For having fortitude in opponents deployment zone. Secondary bonuses for controlling terrain with a unit that generates fortitude.

So I didn't keep accurate notes during the 2nd session of the How You Use It tournaments. Matter of fact I didn't keep any. So these will be pretty much simple recaps.

I went first, put some random shots in and killed a Knight or two. He moved forward on me with all 3 lances leaving me with the long charges which I was obliged to take because there's no sense in not trying for it as fail or not he'll be into me on the next turn. Breakers and Longbeards made it into two of the lances. The Quarrelers moved forward to keep the 3rd lance from being able to hit a flank. Breakers actually broke the lance they hit and held back to later support the Longbeards if necessary. The Longbeards lost combat but held as both his characters were fighting in that combat. His turn the Knights rallied and the 3rd lance hit the Quarrelers killing them and running them down. Longbeards hold again. My turn the Breakers go into the side of the character lance and we break it catching it. The small lance that rallied hits the Longbeards and the lance that went through the Quarrelers turns towards my war machines only do disappear to a round or two of Organ Gun fire. The Longbeards eventually die but take the lance down to a single man who makes it to my Organ Gun and kills it. My cannon then snipes off that last night giving me a win having tabled my opponent. Damn good game. Turns out that Ironbreakers are super resilient.

Round 2: Empire

Battle Wizard Lord - Level 4, Lore of Heavens, Dispel Scroll, Dragonbane Gem
Captain of the Empire - Full Plate, Pegasus, Lance, Charmed Shield, Dawnstone, Potion of Foolhardiness
10 Archers - Musician
17 Crossbowmen - Musician, Standard Bearer
4 Demigryphon Knights - Musician
Great Cannon


Bonuses Start with 5 points and lose one for every non fleeing enemy unit that generates fortitude on your table half at game end. Secondary bonuses for controlling terrain with a unit that generates fortitude.

My opponent built his list clearly planning on the Demi's and Captain doing the heavy lifting. His Wizard went with his Archers and those and the Crossbowmen hid behind a house to start the game. His cannon was central and his Demi's and Captain went on far flank. I set up everything quite centrally. My turn 1 saw me knock the cannon off and move forward. He responded by bringing the Knights and Captain around the flank. My 2nd turn I killed a single Demigryph and they fled off of the table; that's what happens when you hug the table edge like that. Bummer luck though. Now forced to do something more than depend on the Demi's he brings his Wizard and Archers around the corner and starts throwing Chain Lightning like its going out of style knocking 1 or 2 guys out of each unit for a turn or two while the Captain fails a charge trying to get to the Quarrelers. For two turns I drug my Organ Gun into the field so I could get in range of his Wizard and finally I got it to the point where he could either be in range to throw Lightning or out of Range of the Organ Gun but not both. He voiced his decision out loud stating that he'd risk it as the Engineer wasn't next to the Organ Gun being in another unit as he was and with long range and skirmished he thought he'd be ok. His Captain hit the Quarrelers this turn but they held. He chained lightning again and killed a few more. He made an error though; I quick reformed my Longbeards and walked 3" to get the Engineer into range of the Organ Gun. I proceeded to knock 7 of the 10 archers off. He passed his panic check, but then I cannon sniped the Wizard out. His Captain killed the Quarrelers a turn later and the game ended with a victory to me. I'm not sure I should've won this game. In fact I think I probably was looking at a hard fought draw if not for the Demi's fleeing on turn 2. Luck was still with me for the day apparently.

Round 3: Skaven

Greyseer - Lore of Ruin x4
Chieftan - BSB, Charmed Shield
Warlock Engineer - Doomrocket
22 Clanrats - Standard, Musician
46 Slaves - Musician
45 Slaves - Musician
6 Gutter Runners - Poison, Slings
Hellpit Abomination

Bonuses for every enemy unit that is dead or fled at games end up to 5. Secondary bonuses for controlling terrain with a unit that generates fortitude.

As my friend Ryan so aptly put it, a taste of my own medicine. This list is nearly identical to the Skaven list I ran the last 2 years at Adpeticon in the 1,000 point lists. Even worse I was tired at this point and completely screwed myself as we'll get to. He moved forward aggressively throwing magic and doomrockets at me. I tried to set up for a flank on the Abomination but movement 3 doesn't exactly lend well to this. The Gutters came in throwing at the Quarrelers and War Machines once they got behind them. I shot the Abomination twice with the Cannon and numerous times with the Organ Gun. He made all his regeneration saves for 2 turns before he got to me. Notice I said he made his Regeneration saves. Yeah, that part about me screwing myself; I had flaming on my cannon. For god sakes I could have had a chance at winning all 3 games in this tournament as well but I screwed up and let the Abomination get to me at which point the game was over. It basically bowled through both the combat blocks one turn after the other and the Quarrelers eventually got a charge off killing the Gutters but also dying shortly after that to the Abomination. I conceded. Man did I ever blow that game. I actually had the tools I needed and just made a massive mistake not remembering or checking my list. So stupid. Still it was a great time and I came in 12th overall which again, not bad.

100 Point’s Regiments of Renown

I've played RoR in a small tournament before and it was a lot of fun. I signed up for the evening tournaments because generally low point tournaments result in more just rolling dice and having fun than throwing abusive competitive lists together to try and win. This looked like a good time to me. I especially love that your Leader gets to increase abilities over games. Spring boarding off of my great Thursday I was hoping to do well and pre-con I was hoping to re-invigorate my enthusiasm for my Dwarf army which I haven't been very excited to play with since the new book. I wanted at least 2 shooters which meant I needed 8 models and I wanted to make sure that my Leader could both kill and not be killed. The thing about Regiments is that it really is a huge deal to have high wounds, armor or multiple attacks. It really favors Ogres in my opinion.

My List:
Ironbreaker - Leader, Champion, Dog of War, Boots of Haste, Rune of Stone, Rune of Speed
Longbeard - Dog of war, Spiky Shoulder Plate, Shield
Quarreler - Dog of War, Last Chance Shot, Shield
Thunderer - Shield
Warrior - Shield
Warrior - Shield
Warrior - Shield
Warrior - Great Weapon

Round 1: Ogre Kingdoms
Facing off against Ogres in round 1 didn't make me excited. The impact hits, multiple attacks and multiple wounds to get through had me worried. He has 2 Ogres and a handful of Gnoblars. We went straight at it moving forward. My shooting took off a Gnoblar and a Wound off of an Ogre, but it was the Ironbreaker and Great Weapon Warrior who did the meat of the work. The Ogres managed to whiff their attacks and impact hits when charging and me getting +1S on the charge turned out to be a huge deal when it came up. I chopped the ogres up and shortly thereafter minced the Gnoblars tabling my opponent only losing 2 Dwarfs. At the end of the game my Leader ended up with +1 Toughness. A T5 Ironbreaker with 2+/5+ in hand to hand is pretty awesome.

Round 2: Vampire Counts
I was not worried about this list at all. Two Dire Wolfs, some Ghouls and a couple of Grave Guard. I managed to shoot both of the Wolfs off and the Ghouls even with Poison were no match for Dwarf armor. I only lost a single model this game and it was sadly my Leader who a Grave Guard managed to get Killing Blow on, even a 5+WS from my Parry didn't save me from that. At the end of this game I also tabled my opponent. The increase this game was taking my Leader to LD 11. Yeah, this army was never going to break.

Round 3: Demons of Chaos
Facing Demons of Chaos had my quite worried, but the opponent took some fluffy in there too. He had a Harpy, a couple of Slaneesh, a Bloodletter and a Khrone Dog. I can't remember but I'm pretty sure he had another model too. Either way we went to town straight at eachother again and man did he make a lot of 5+ ward saves. The game was a blood bath and it came down to a Slaneesh model, his Khorne Dog Leader and my Ironbreaker who managed to eat his way through the rest of the lot taking me to a win. My final upgrade although I'd never get the chance to use it was an increase in attacks bringing him to 3. Man that would've been really nice this game.

Best Overall! Hooray! I won something. After having an amazing Thursday at the 1,000 point events and not placing I got something. Somewhat hollow as 1/2 the players didn't show for the event that signed up but I think that was really kind of what happened across the board on fantasy this year. Still I'll take what I get. I had 3 fun games against 3 good guys and enjoyed the change of pace. It was a lot of fun and I'd happily play this event again assuming that it still exists next year and doesn't get thrown out by 9th edition. Thanks to Andy Sherman for running it.

500 Point’s Warbands

I chose Warbands for the same reason I really went to Regiments and that was for fun and to roll dice. I decided to take a weird list and throw two Gyro's in at 500. Significant points investment into low strength attacks but the template could and at least once did prove quite powerful. Admittedly of course I did play a gunline at 500.

My List:
Master Engineer
10 Quarrelers - Standard, Musician, Shields
Organ Gun

Round 1: Lizardmen
He had a Skink Cohort, a Level 2 Skink, Salamander and a big block of I think 20 Saurus Warriors. Came straight across the field at me and the Organ Gun and Gyro's spent 2 turns blasting the Saurus to death before going after the Skinks. At one point the Salamander got into combat with a Gyro but somehow I managed to defeat it. A Gyro charged the Priest and killed it in hand to hand tabling my opponent. Not that it wasn't expected given the amount of shooting I had.

Round 2: Demons of Chaos
Holy crap, I thought I broke my list was broke. Dud had a unit of 15 Plaguebearers, a Hearld of Nurgle, a unit of 2 Beasts and 2 single Beasts of Nurgle running about. There was no way I was coming out of this game alive but I was going to try. For like 10 seconds... In his turn 1 he moved forward, proceeded to roll a 12 for magic phase summoning another unit of Plaguebearers behind my stuff. Oh and how many you ask? Yeah, he rolled 12 again so he got a free 15 man unit on turn 1 behind my gunline. Game over; I was tabled.

Round 3: Vampire Counts
A unit of Dire Wolfs, a small unit of Grave Guard and a bunker of Zombies to get his Vampire across to me. Ran straight at me, not that he had a lot of option in the matter. I killed the dogs first and started putting wounds into units. He made a mistake and forgot to charge my Gyrocopter which he absolutely needed to do. In the spirit of fun I let him make his charge which he said wouldn't do anything and I told him would; I know my army. He smoked the Gyro, overran into the next Gyro and killed it to but pursued off the table. I managed to destroy the entire Zombie unit with concentrated fire; and the Scenario gave me a magic ring with a signature spell in it as a bound item so I had Shem's too. The next turn his small unit of Grave Guard came back on but his Vampire (now alone) failed the charge on my Quarrelers. His face sunk as he knew he was doomed but again in the spirit of fun instead of unloading an Organ Gun into his Vampires face I charged with my Quarrelers. A Vampire should at least have a chance at winning that combat but he rolled pretty poorly and I managed to kill him. He conceded.

With the loss against the Demon list I knew there was no possible way to win Overall and General seemed rather unlikely as well. Turns out though that I got Best Appearance which was totally cool by me. Got a nice paint set and some scenic water, weathering powders and such. I was super happy. I was also I think the only player who'd bothered to bring a display board with me to the event which probably didn't hurt me. I didn't really get a chance to look at all the armies that were playing but from what I did see I would say I was among the better painted so it feels fairly deserved. I'm not the greatest painter but I'm good enough. Again, I had a lot of fun in this event and would happily play again next year if Andy runs it again.

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