Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goals and Meandering Thoughts

So here I am in mid February with a little post just to talk about what's up in my hobby. Number one is the fact that having finished my Skaven models on the 2nd I've moved on to some Terrain hobbying which is number 8 on my New Years list. To that end I have finished painting the parts for my graveyard.

Now the piece isn't completed yet.  All the parts still need a clear coat which I can't currently do because of the cold weather.  Also the base that is on is just a random forest base I had lying about so I have to construct its actual base for its permanent affixing.  Other than that I'm quite happy with how it turned out.  Tomorrow I'll be priming a bunch more terrain and tonight I began work on a well house for use with the Fortified Manor that I've got.

Secondly this I'm also getting psyched for the Dwarf Army Book which is released this Saturday!  Oh how I've missed my short legged companions.  I can't wait to get them back out and start using all the new toys.  While I'm really excited to know that a number of things have already changed I am still fearing about others.  The army was in desperate need of a unit with multiple attacks other than Slayers which they will now have in the Hammerers.  This will make them an absolute must take in every army, although their Stubborn ability pretty much saw to that in the last book too.  I'm excited about the new Gyrocoptor and Gyrobomber rules although I'm not terribly fond of the models.  They look like a load of fun.

My worries are that they will beat things to death such as the Anvil.  We already know that the Organ Gun is moving to BS shooting which will likely ruin it, even with the ability to put Rune's on the thing, at BS 3 I thing they have probably relegated it to the scrapheap.  GW always tends to go overly towards things that weren't use and demolish the usefulness of things that were good in previous books.  Still, I'm waiting to see before I really start grumbling like a Longbeard.  Hopefully the entire book is great.

Finally I'm preparing my Stirland River Patrol (Empire) army for a 2,000 Point tournament this weekend on the 15th.  It's a local event in my hometown which will probably only see about 10 players but I'm super excited about it.  With a very minimum of magic items present in the list and trimming bits and pieces from units like Champions or making units so that they will be even numbers with characters placed in them I've managed to fit every unit I have paitned into the list including my General on Gryphon which I've yet to use.  I will probably get my butt handed to me but this doesn't diminish my wanting to play it.  If the store would allow me I'd use the Dwarf book that day but they wont so that will have to wait until the next local even sometime in April/May.

Well, that's all I have.  Like I said just a few small updates.  Thanks for reading!

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