Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Campaign... as yet unnamed.

So, some friends (a couple who have done the tale of gamers articles with me) and I are going to play a campaign.  We're going to go whole hog on this and really give it a go.  We've gotten a Mighty Empires set and are going to use most of the rules from Blood in the Badlands supplement book.  We're making some serious exceptions of course.  We can't use the scenario's directly from the book as there are only 5 players and also with only a single tile set we'll be running a smaller map (which makes sense with fewer players).  As a start though we each have to make our General and his Lieutenants as well as put together some army markers for the map.

I've selected to play my Bretonnian's for the campaign and since I've already ordered markers and the three characters are open knowledge than I figured I'd list them here.  I've given them titles that are equivalent to their virtues which really dictates how they'll be played in game.  I'm pretty excited frankly.  I'll post some pictures of the army markers when I get them and start putting them together.  I'd expect at least a week though seeing as Christmas and New Years are going to shut me down for a bit here.  Keep an eye on the blog though.  I'll be posting pictures of the map, games, etc...

The current plan for the army markers is to use Warmaster models.  They look great on the map tiles and were used by the GW guys during their BitB campaign.  I can't say that every one of us will go this way, but I'm definitely in it for the fun so I'm going for it.

Louis the Heroic
-Pegasus, Shield
-Virtue of Heroism
-Sword of Swiftslaying, Dragonhelm, Mantle of Damsel Elena, Potion of Foolhardiness
--263 Points

Harod the Confident
-Warhorse, Lance
-Virtue of Confidence
-Gauntlet of the Duel, Enchanted Shield, Luckstone
--128 Points

Roderick the Impetuous
-Warhorse, Lance, Shield
-Virtue of Impetuous
--115 Points

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