Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long Drongs Pirates

So in an Episode not all that long ago I discussed attempting to finish every Dwarf model I owned. At the time that consisted of a Organ Gun/Cannon and Crew, 15 Long Drong Slayer Pirates and a Character. I've since completed the War Machine and Crew and Character. I have not however completed the Pirates. I hate skin. I'm also big on procrastination. However since there is a tournament on the 20th of August that I plan on attending with them and finishing so few models should have been a simple task. I have had these guys sitting base coated for somewhere round 3 weeks now. So last night in an effort to push myself I demand that I finish them in groups by sculpts. I finished these two last night before bed. I still need to base them and put on a dull coat but at least its some progress. Finally...

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