Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Equipment

The equipment has been sold! :)
Thanks to everyone who inquired, hopefully the new owners will get it going soon as they were expressing interest in doing a WHF cast.


Russ said...

Thanks for the post, I looked at a similar kit when I started, and settled on a firewire version with slightly better microphones (ref: Behringer).
Do you use Audacity for recording and post-record?

Joe Flesch said...

We did start out with Audacity but for the last 2 years of it I was using Adobe Audition 3.

Mark said...

Sorry if I have missed this but does this mean the end of the Podcast?
If so thanks for all the excellent casts you guys put out from a shaky start it became my must hear Podcast. If not I'm looking forward to even better sounding shows. :)

Joe Flesch said...

Yes, the show is over. A number of people missed our last show because our host took down the files before they were supposed to. Prats...

Mark said...

Sorry to hear the shows over but I'm glad you were able to keep going as long as you did as a keen listener to several podcasts I kinda know how much work goes into them. Its great that you guys are still involved with the hobby and keeping the blog going.
Thanks again guys.