Sunday, February 20, 2011

Episode 53 : Adepticon Interview

Episode 53 : Adepticon Interview

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and singularly by Chris Leapley
  2. News/Rumors : O&G , Tomb Kings Announced, Warhammer Forge, Contest Winner
  3. Feature : Adepticon Interview with Alex Gonzalez
We being the show as always with our 'What's been up segment' where we discuss signing up for Adepticon and what the plans are for that. We also squeeze in just a bit about the little painting contest on our forums that we've been doing for a couple weeks now. For our News/Rumors we discuss the new O&G Army Book which is currently in stores via the GW Black Boxes and the new models that accompanied it. We discuss the fact that Tomb Kings has been witnissed on the horzion and voice our hopes for more frequent army books and speculation as such and finally end with just a touch on Warhammer Forge.

Our main feature has me conducting a telephone interview with Alex Gonzalez the new man in charge of the Warhammer Fantasy events at Adepticon! We discuss which tournaments/events are being held, some insight as to why they chose certain points level's/formats and what can be roughly expected of scenario's. We also discuss a little O&G together since Alex is a long time avid Goblin player and what he thinks of the new book.

Pics of O&G Pre-release Models :

Tomb Kings Pics / Links :
Link to the GW Announcement

Warhammer-Forge Pics / Links :
Warhammer Forge Link

Adepticon Link :

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