Saturday, February 5, 2011

Episode 52 : Waaagh Paca!

Episode 52 : Waaagh Paca!

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and singularly by Chris Leapley
  2. News/Rumors : O&G Rumors, MWR Venue Found, Waaagh Cast! Dice Fundraiser
  3. Feature : Waaagh Paca Recordings and Game Discussions
This show starts out with a different order than our usual shows. We recorded a pre-amble after the tournament in which we discuss all of our games from Waaagh Paca. We also go over some O&G Rumors that were recently e-mailed to me bya listener and after that we push into the recordings from Waaagh Paca! This is where we drop back into our mostly normal format. We thank the sponsors, discuss some lists, and talk about a few bits of news. Namely that MWR has secured a venue so they are on for May. Link below. We discuss that we are indeed doing a dice fundraiser for the show. $15 donation nets you 10 custom Waaagh Cast Dice! We then have a lot of recorded stuff from Waaagh Paca with lots of discussion and talk. We come back to close the show with a post recorded bit and that wraps us for #52.

Midwest Rampage :

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Episode Length 2hr 01min 33sec

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