Sunday, August 15, 2010

Episode 41 : An Episode of Infamy

Episode 41 : An Episode of Infamy

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Gryfalia's Aerie, Miel Vermeulen
  2. News/Rumors : Demons, Island of Blood, WH Starter Paint Set, O&G Rumors, New High Elf Boxes, Black Library Novels, 8th Edition Army Builder Files
  3. Feature : The Wives of Infamy
This Episode is brought to you by our regular Sponsors: Tales of Battle and Gryfalia's Aerie; and singularly by Miel Vermeulen who wanted to shout out that Wisconson is going to beat Illinois this year in the IL. Vs. WI yearly challenge! We discuss a fair amount of news and a little bit of rumor. The last of the Demons preparing to release, and the Island of Blood Pre-Order! The re-release of the WH Starter Paint set, and finally finish this section off with some rumors of O&G incoming and 2nd wave High Elf plastics. Lastly a couple novels from Black Library and the realization that the 8th Edition Army Builder files are finally up for download.

For our feature segment we bring on some guests who we never expected to convince to be on the show.
The infamous wives! Sadly, balancing 4 microphones is difficult so the voices kind of go in and out a lot. Particularly mine since I have headphones on I can't tell how loud my own voice is. This time, it was kind of light. Still... We thought that we would really break up the usual show with some discussion topics that may not apply to the game in general but more with how on earth those of us with wifes/girlfriends/significant others manage to get hobby and gaming in and what our wives think of it. We answer a lot of questions that were submitted just by users so this is all things that you listeners wanted to ask them. We appreciate the questions that you sent in and you should send some supportive e-mail for the wives to let them know that you enjoyed listening to them.

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Dwarfenstein said...

Very entertaining . . . it's funny to hear the wifes' perspective on all things gaming!!!

Grupax said...

I tell my wife she can go shopping for a day if I'm planning a big purchase, - this way she can't make me feel guilty :D

Anonymous said...

most fights are over money or sex, but the worst one are definatly about sex for money

Sigmar said...

Hi guys,

I like the podcast and have added you to my blog :- Warhammer inspiration

I can add you to my main site :- Battle Reporter aswell if you can link back to it. It's getting very popular these days so should get you quite a lot of hits.

All the best and keep those broadcasts coming,