Sunday, August 1, 2010

Episode 40 : 'Ard Ramblings...

Episode 40 : 'Ard Ramblings...

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Tales of Battle, Gryfalia's Aerie, Christian Taylor
  2. News/Rumors : Isle of Blood, Tale of Two Gamers, BRB FAQ, AB 3.3 Update
  3. Feature : 'Ard Boy'z Thoughts on Dwarfs, VC, and some rambling...
This Episode has a couple things changed. One we've attempted to bring Chucks loud voice down into level with my own. I know, two years; I guess we could finally work on that issue huh. We go over our weeks in the hobby, mostly gaming 8th edition and looking at new lists. We discuss the Isle of Blood Contents and what we think of the models; the Tale of Two Gamers blog on the GW; the BRB FAQ that GW released just last week and finally Lone Wolf's announcement of the Army Builder 3.3 Patch.

For our main topic we start out discussing what we feel 'Ard Boy'z will be like with 8th edition and what we think we'll see at the tournaments. This leads to us discussing what we plan on fielding and how we plan on countering things and very quickly falls apart to our rambling about our armies and the way we think they are or are not effective in 8th edition. Hopefully some people will find something interesting here.

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