Friday, June 4, 2010

WHFB 8th Ed. Prices

Some pictures of stuff have been making the trails along with some prices in Euro's for those not keeping track. After conversions; prices are estimated as such.

Warhammer Rulebook 60€ : $72
Engineer's Measures Set 22.5€ : $27
Warhammer Templates 6.5€ : $8
Warhammer Battle Magic 7.75€ : $9
Warhammer Markers 10.5€ : $13
Warhammer Skull dice 9.1€ : $11

Interesting notes; the new templates look pretty boss; apparently there going to put out a magic deck. This either indicates back to random drawing of cards for spells or that there just going to make a handy dandy deck of cards for reference; kind of neat. Markers and Dice seem to look okay; the engineers measuring set doesn't make sense to me; but I'm sure once we figure out the new war machine rules it will. Anyway; kind of neat to see this. No work as to whether this will be sold as a special Splash release or not; but since they did it for 7th ed. and 5th ed. 40K I imagine it will be.

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