Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Episode 37.5 : 8th Edition Overview

Episode 37.5 : 8th Edition Overview

Show notes:
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  4. Feature : 8th Edition Overview
We talk 8th edition! Hoorah!

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Episode Length 1hr 46min 20sec


Anonymous said...

90% of the new common magic items beat out Ogre magic items. Awesome, finally something useful.

Anonymous said...

What a great show! I've listened to a few other shows about 8th and The Waaagh Cast was the one that really nailed it. Not meaning a bad word against anyone else but in a time to detail ration Joe and Chuck really got it down.

Thanks for all of the info, even more excited now than before.

Tom McClure said...

Way to go on the content, guys! Need to figure out the audio, but episode 37.5 was the most informative 8th edition podcast I've heard!

Forgemaster Floyd said...

Sounded great! Just a note: as far as I've heard, unit strength is completely gone as a rule, so that's why you couldn't find comments about it in the book.