Sunday, January 24, 2010

Episode 29 : Warhammer Campaigns

Episode 29 : Warhammer Campaigns

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : None :(
  2. Listener E-mail/Comments : Spencer Terry, Sasjhwa, Avian, Goodwin
  3. News/Rumors : Beast Models, Nazgul, Paining Masterclass, War Machine Tacitca
  4. 10 Minute Terrain : Farm Field/Difficult Ground
  5. Feature : Warhammer Campaigns
Lack of sponsor makes podcast host sad. We go over a couple listener e-mails/comments mostly about last episode. We hit up the news/rumors by discussing the new beastmen models and prices. We don't discuss rumors because the new book is due out in a week and there's no sense in talking rumors when in a week or two you'll have concrete knowledge. For the 10 Minute Terrain segment we do a simple farm field/difficult ground patch for your game table. Awesome!

Finally for the feature of the show we discuss warhammer campaigns! All the greatness of them with faults, failures and fantastic stuff. We bring up the 3 most common types of campaign, being the ladder, the tree and the map based campaigns. We discuss opinions, past experiences and a little bit of talk about a map based campaign that our local group is going to be starting in the next couple of weeks. Hope you guys enjoy the show!

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Eric H said...

Hey guys,

listened to the ogre show, about to listen to this one. Thanks for making an enjoyable WFB podcast, I like it way better than podhammer.

Keep it up!

-Eric H.

Castle said...

Hey Joe and Chuck...

We'll keep you guys Floating ok!

Keep donating!

Anonymous said...

"How can you pass through a piece of sea, but forgets its blue?"

Possibly asking about the terrain, but who knows?

Drake Pendragon said...

Just heard my first of your casts (this one) and enjoyed it. I'm now going to check out your back episodes. Thanks. :)