Sunday, January 10, 2010

Episode 28 : Ogre Kingdoms Army Review

Episode 28 : Ogre Kingdoms Army Review

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Joe Lavigne
  2. Listener E-mail : Lost in the Ether
  3. News/Rumors : Black Library, Price Rise, Army Builder 3.2b, Beastmen, Avatars of War
  4. Unit of The Month : Ogre Iron Guts
  5. Feature : Ogre Kingdoms Army Review
This episode is sponsored by Joe Lavigne who asks specifically for an Ogre Kingdoms Army Review and naturally we do our best to oblige. We had some listener e-mail; but as I explain in the show I lost it; so apologies; if you guys had e-mail in that you'd wanted answered over the course of the last week or two shoot it back at me again and we'll try and get it on next episode. News/Rumors see's us discussing a number of Black Library releases (Shadow King, Death & Dishonour and Call to Arms). We discuss the rumored Feb. price rise, the release of Army Builder 3.2b and finally finish off the segment with Beastmen. Unfortunately we discussed a few small pics that were available at the time when the day after recording GW threw everything they had on the Advance Order Page! Those fiends! Anyway to see that just head over to our homepage; it's on the main blog. We also talk about the new Avatar of War Minotaur Lord models.

Finally for The Unit of The Month we are joined by Randall (Randroid) from The Ogre Stronghold forum on the next. We discuss the core unit, Ironguts! Afterwards we delve into the full Ogre Kingdoms Army Review that Joe was so kind as to sponsor us for and hopefully we do it justice. We certainly took long enough to do it and got a good amount of information out of it. Apologies for losing our co-host about halfway through the review. I've also left out all the usual musical things to make sure I have enough server space for our 2nd episode this month so expect no frills this episode.

Links and pictures from the show :
Black Library Upcoming Releases :

DakkaDakka price Rise Thread :

Army Builder 3.2b Notes :

DakkaDakka Beastmen Thread :"

Avatar of War Link & Pics :

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spencer terry said...

hey just to leave some feedback, just stumbled across your podcasts, and thought why not, saw that your latest one was on ogres which was a real god send, i've been tied about the idea for a long about collecting them and the review really did help and i've decided to go with them:) and i've been going through past shows and yet again great information and help, so MANY THANKS and keep the shows coming:)

Tom McClure said...

This was my favorite episode yet. Great job! It was a great idea to invite a guest speaker from the Ogre Stronghold for the Ogre Kingdoms review. The review made me want to give leadbelchers a try, and it reinforced my thoughts on trappers. The enjoyable tone of the discussions and informative content really showed the effort you guys put in to the show, and how you've worked on lessons learned over time. Looking forward to the future episodes.

Chris said...

HEY GUYS, really liked the episode....I was wondering if you could some of the new books a try for Army reviews just so we can get an idea of what to expect at tournaments and how to beat the uber armies....I saw that VC are covered what about Daemons and DE?

Sigmar said...

Hi there guys,

I really enjoyed this Waaagh Cast so I've added your blog to the Battle Reporter blogroll.

Randroid (member of the Battle Reporter forum who you interviewed for Ogre Tactics pointed me in your direction).

I've posted on my blog to tell people about your podcast. Here's the link:-

Waaagh Cast - Ogre Kingdoms Tactics

Keep up the excellent podcasts, I plan to listen while I paint my Nautican Army.

Great work,