Monday, October 26, 2009

Man down....

To the listeners,
Apologies to everyone for the show as it stands at the moment. We are not only behind; but will continue to be so for a bit. I have been taken quite ill over the last two days and will be doing nothing; but sleeping for a while.

Chuck and I did record some stuff on the way to and from the 2nd Round of 'Ard Boy'z, I will try to get that cut together and posted at some point while I'm ill; but I wanted you all to know that the regularly scheduled shows will be on pause for a little bit until I'm better. Sorry and thank you.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Up for advance order on GW's website the new Skaven models. Below is a pic of the new Plague Furnace/Screaming Bell model. It's a single kit that builds one or the other. Link to GW's Advance Order Page below.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So I had to clear out some of my FlickR photo's because of size constraints. This may or may not effect some of the older posts as far as linkage goes. Sorry for the inconvenience of anyone that was looking at posts and images are missing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Octobers 2nd episode

As Oct. is a long month; we may end up waiting an extra week to put the 2nd episode out for this month. Were not sure yet; but I just wanted to make everyone aware that it is a possibility.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Episode 25 : Basing Technique

Episode 25 : Basing Technique

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : None
  2. Listener E-mail : Plenty
  3. News/Rumors : Fantasy Campaign, Avatars of War, Painting Contest
  4. Unit of the Month : Dwarf Warrior
  5. Feature : Basing Discussion
This episode is brought to you by nobody! Which is a travesty! Get off your duff's and sponsor a show folks! While there was plenty of mail it all centered around the "10 Minute Terrain" video from last episode so we discuss that only lightly. For news/rumors we talk about the little floating around at the time of recording this episode. A possible new worldwide fantasy campaign and models to accompany it. New Avatar of War models, and a painting contest on the show forums.

For the Unit of the Month we pick up Dwarf Warriors and give our thoughts on how to use them and what we think. Finally for our feature we discuss basing techniques and options to use for your army. What we tend to do and consider standard work and what we'd like to do or are doing in the future with our own armies.

Warseer Thread on Fantasy Campaign:

Avatars of War links and pics:

Painting Contest Thread link:

Please if you enjoy the show leave comments on the blog; if you have I-Tunes please leave I-Tunes Reviews. Any questions, comments, suggestions e-mail us at; you can also call and leave voicemails at 1-217-883-4598 or username: waaaghcast on Skype. As always Thanks for listening!!!!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Skaven huzzah!

So although the Skaven Rumors have been light we've got a couple things here for people to look at. Sprue pictures of the Skaven Doomwheel and clanrats on GW's site:

Preorder page and pics of boxes/painted models:

Also a compiled rumor thread on Bell of Lost Souls:

Also as a side note this weeks episode will be a few days late.