Monday, October 5, 2009

Skaven huzzah!

So although the Skaven Rumors have been light we've got a couple things here for people to look at. Sprue pictures of the Skaven Doomwheel and clanrats on GW's site:

Preorder page and pics of boxes/painted models:

Also a compiled rumor thread on Bell of Lost Souls:

Also as a side note this weeks episode will be a few days late.


cj said...

Its a like a low profile tire! maybe conversions will be harder but can still be done, I would like to see the old wheel crossed over with the new one, that would be neat.

Jeff said...

We were talking about finding a way to get the wheels to spin. Lots of big awesome models coming out I will be looking forward to the official release after looking over the store copy of the manual.