Sunday, June 28, 2009

Episode 18 : Joe & Chuck Battle Report

Episode 18 : Joe & Chuck Battle Report

Show notes:

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  2. Listener E-mail : Anonymous, Zach Bair, Josh Holt
  3. News/Rumors : Downloads, Contests, Sponsorships/Donations, Tales of Battle, GW Shipping, Temple of Skulls, Forge World, Blood Bowl PC Game, Fantasy RPG, Paintbrushes, Black Library, 2nd 1/2 of year GT's, 'Ard Boy'z, Other Podcasts
  4. Feature : Joe & Chuck Battle Report
Alone for the first half of the show and joined with Chuck for a pre-recorded 2nd half battle report for our next local RTT lists. Hopefully you all enjoy!

News and Rumors is a huge chunk of this episode with so much to talk about! I feel that to sum it up here would be ludicrous. Go give it a listen!

For the feature Chuck and I get together for a battle. Our next local RTT was set at 1250 which cna be a somewhat difficult build. Having to pick and choose the toys and combo's you want makes it kind of difficult and definatly gives the edge to certain builds; high magic, gun lines, etc... We go over army list choices and then a turn by turn report until we wrap up early after I have nearly decimated Chucks army down to nothing.

The Waaagh Cast! Button and the Forge World Greater Daemon of Tzeench

The link to the pictures of me and Chucks battle report. It will take you directly to a slideshow.

Other links as promised:
Tales of Battle

Games Workshop Shipping Press Release

Bell of Lost Souls Temple of Skulls Article

Games Workshop Paintbrushes

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List of the last 1/2 of the years US GT's

Buckeye Battles
Columbus, OH July 10-12

Battle on Beale
Memphis, TN July 18-19

The Necronomicon
Orlando, FL July 24-26

Bayou Batles
Houston, TX Aug. 7-9

The SAWS Challenge
Sacramento, CA Aug. 21-23

Lexington, KY Sept. 12-13
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Wasteland Wars
Lubbock, TX Sept. 19-20

Tides of War
Mesa, AZ Sept. 26-27

Crossroads GT
Horseheads, NY Sept. 25-27

Marauder Mayhem
Kettering, OH Oct. 16-18

The Alamo GT
San Antonio, TX Nov. 7-8

Northstar Tournament
St. Paul, MN Nov. 14th-15th

Core Competency
Downers Grove, IL Nov.14th-15th

Warcamp GT
Warwick, NY Dec. 11-13 wmbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6781

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eeore said...

Another good show.

re: the battle report. I like the idea but would really like to hear a report of the whole battle. Basically at the start of the battle switch on the recorder and switch it off at the end - so we get all the banter, the arguement, smack talk, whoops of delight etc. For example I would really have liked to hear chuck's reaction when he threw a load of 1s.

Keep up the good work:)

Eric Lee said...

AWEsome, next time more of the battle even if it only goes 1 turn!

Anonymous said...

I think this show brought back what was missing in other episodes. Lots of news and rumors that I even didn't know about!

Thanks or the update Joe

Chuck said...

RE: Transfattyacid

My reaction was this, Bull$#iT. then Joe was like this....HAHAHAHAHA Dwarfs RAN YOU DOWN. then I was like Stupid Brets!

I need new Dice!

But i had fun and learned I need to stack my knights across from him and go sally hoe!