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Episode 17 : Army Theme

Episode 17 : Army Theme

Show notes:

  1. Sponsorship : Chuck
  2. Listener E-mail : Hamburger Pimp, TransfattyAcid, Mike Jordal, John LeBlanc, John Lindley, Jereon Van Esch
  3. News/Rumors : 2nd wave Daemons, Chaos Bitz, GW Table, FFG Chaos in The Old World
  4. Feature : Army Theme
Joined by Chuck today for a show on our opinions in army theme and display. The show was sponsored by Chuck; he owed me money and went ahead and overpaid just for fun. After the last episode which was our 1st video podcast I received plenty of e-mail both for and against those types of things. We discuss a couple and think about the future of the show.

News and Rumors sees us discussing some 2nd wave daemons including a rumored re-release of Scayla a Khorne spawn; some Chaos God Bitz Packs now available and the Chaos in The Old World Game being produced by Fantasy Flight games. We also talk about a new thing that GW is producing for 40K and simply wish they would do something like this for Fantasy. Pictures and links below.

For our feature we venture into our thoughts on army theme and display. There is a bit of composition discussion thrown in there but little. We talk about what we think makes for good theme and what we did plus why we did it. We discuss where were heading and what we think is the average progression a gamer takes from first army on. Somewhere in there we discuss our friend Domus' big list of inspirational links which I've included at the bottom of the page for your use; and his awesome war alter he made for Adepticon pictured below. Also pictured below are the mini's that inspired Chuck to run with his crusade theme that he is planning for his 3rd army; plus a pic of his ancient most horrible looking ogres he had to use at MWR this year. A good laugh shall be had..

Towards the end we also announce our next contest. :) Prize and rules information in the show; go give it a listen.


Link to Fantasy Flight Games : Chaos in The Old World

Link to GW's 40K Table we talked about.

Our Friend Domus' Inspirational Painting/Modeling Links

Golden Demon Winners Links

Painter Specific (Lots of these websites contain lots of helpful info) ... ashop.html ... hp?act=idx

Tutorial Type Sites ... guide.html ... lors.shtml

Various Forums / User Groups for Painting ... 75&start=0 ... epainters/ ... um.php?f=3 ... wforum=134 ... board=26.0 ... io-f6.html ... owforum=10 ... wforum=204 ... 439ab3&c=7


Misc. (Non - Fantasy) ... df51226c92 ... ttles.html ... owforum=12 ... owforum=96

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe the venom you hold for Jervis Johnson. The Standard Bearer section is one of the only good things left in a White Dwarf that has gone consistently down hill since the advent of 4th and 7th editions. Jervis is the hobby as much as anyone else (and by the way he is a top bloke too) and he deserves our respect. He is not the guy who decides on the prices and he is not the guy responsible for GW's questionable business practice, but he takes all the flack nevertheless and carries on smiling.

It strikes me as a bit rich to have a go at him for expressing his own thoughts when you are producing a podcast that expresses your thoughts, and you are a relative nobody on the fringes of the hobby. Jervis deserves our respect far more than you do.

Joe Flesch said...

Your opinion is more than fair and it is your opinion of the man.

Having never met him in real life I am only going on his articles and the very shortly lived PodCast that the GW studio produced. I don't really hate the guy; but on the other hand I'm not fond of him either.

I was about to start stating reasons and then I decided that my comments section isn't the place I want to argue about things. I just want to acknowledge that as always I am open to criticism and want my listeners to know they can say anything. You said what you said; I read it and replied. Not everyone in our hobby sees eye to eye. Part of life.

chris said...

I don't know who Jervis Johnson is but the podcast is still good. I don't get white dwarf at all but peak through at it here in Atlanta. Keep it up and don't let others opinions bring down the show.

Joe Flesch said...

Jervis Johnson is a game designer for Games Workshop and is currently one of Game Workshop's long-term strategy managers, having previously been employed as head of its Specialist Games division.

He helped create Blood Bowl back towards 3rd and send it towards where it is now and is a key contributor in the the rest of GW's game systems.

cj said...


Just wanted to say the show was great this last episode Joe and I both know that the sound quality was lacking over my cell phone as I had to dial in for this last episode. Skype will hopefully be better next time. However on this last take Skype was actually worse then what my cell phone sounded like and was cutting in and out every third word.

We both are aware of this and are working on trying to record the cast with the best audio equipement and software available. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to offer them.

Thank you for your continued support and as always please send in any suggestions, comments, questions, or ideas.

Don't forget about the current prizes being given away or in the future. We have several more already lined up!

"only the co-host"