Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Episode 13 : Gamer Etiquette

Episode 13 : Gamer Etiquette

Show notes:

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  2. Listener E-mail : Sasjhwa and Zach
  3. News/Rumors : Dave Arneson Dies, GW Price Increase, GW GT's Cancelled, Blood Bowl PC Game Open Beta, Forgeworld Open Day, New Miniatures (From Independant Companies), Contests!
  4. Feature : Gamer Etiquette
So I start out with some after thoughts on Adepticon and how cool it was to go and play there; I shall certainly be returning in the future. Lots of news/rumors; Dave Arneson co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons passed away on April 7th, GW canceled the US GT's and they're raising prices again. The Blood Bowl PC game is taking applications for open beta testing. Forgeworld hosted an open day and showed off some new stuff. A number of independent miniature companies are releasing some new and very cool mini's. Contests for a couple of novels and the Avatar of War Chaos Dwarf model. All the links mentioned in the show are below.

Adepticon Standings:

Mana Potion Energy Drinks:

GW Price Increase Discussion Threads:
Bell of Lost Souls:

GW Canceled GT's:

Midwest Rampage:

WPS Composition System:

Blood Bowl PC Game:

Dakka Bitz Providers List:

Scribor Miniatures:

Black Scorpion Miniatures:

Avatars of War Concept Art:

My Galleries of the Adepticon Photo's and Forgeworld Demons:

Discussion of some of the simpler Gamer Etiquette is the feature of the show and I simply go over some of the things encountered during games/tournaments of Warhamer. Covering issues from "gamer funk" and WYSIWYG to Clipping and Overshooting. I discuss what I feel is right and wrong at the gaming table. Rules of etiquette are simple; but there are some people who do not know them.

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cpj said...

I very much like the adepticon pictures. Seems like some people go OTT for presentation and others don't finish their boards all the way...but very good pics