Thursday, October 2, 2008

Episode 4 : Dwarf Review

Show notes:
  • News/Rumors : There is no news due to the late episode.
  • Sponsorship : Ian Wegert
  • Listener E-mail : None; So Sad...
  • Feature : Dwarf Review
Apologies for the extreme lateness of the show. Due to this fact I did not report news this episode; I also have no listener e-mail so come on people; certainly somebody has issues with something I've said! Positive or negative send me feedback; leave me voice mails; this show would be better with public participation! In my humble opinion at least.

Please if you enjoy the show leave comments; if you have I-Tunes please leave I-Tunes Reviews. Any questions or comments e-mail us at or you can leave us voice mails from Skype at username WaaaghCast. Thanks for listening!

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Episode Length 54 Min. 40 Sec.

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