Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan G: Tale of Two Guys: Firebelly

     July went zooming by, but I did manage to get a couple of things painted for the Ogre Kingdoms. The main model was my Firebelly.

       I really like the GW Firebelly, but I have never been great at painting fire so I chose to use an alternate model for my Firebelly. I tracked this guy down from a company called Titan Forge. They have some great models, and if I can find a way to fit some of their other Ogres into my army I will. I just wanted to start small to make sure the scale was correct. This guy is a little taller, but fits in just fine.
      I have used him a few times now, and I do like the Firebelly character. I don't think he fits into every army, but I have found him great for low point games.
      Next, is one more sabertusk. This now gives me three and I am happy with that. I have yet to use 3 Tusks in a a game, but we'll see how it goes. I dislike the fact that they can cause panic, and they may just cause me to start tripping over myself, or just plan getting in the way.

      I have two local tournaments coming up over the next two saturdays, but not sure what list I will be doing for the 2000 pts this month. Both my Firebelly and extra cat will be in my 1600 pt tourny list, but does not look like either will be in my 2000 point one. Either way it should be fun, and I am considering a few different things to do for next month. I really should do my Ironblaster because they are awesome, but I really want to paint up a Giant, which are fun, but far from awesome. Only time will tell.

Ryan G

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