Sunday, May 29, 2011

Episode 59 : A Couple of Tournaments

Episode 59 : A Couple of Tournaments

Show notes:
  1. Sponsorship : Gryfalia's Aerie, Capital City Games and Mike
  2. News/Rumors : GW Embargo, Response, Fine-casting, Price Hikes, BRB FAQ 1.4, Warhammer Forge, Interview with John Gaszak from Invasion Kenosha 3
  3. Feature : 'Ard Boy'z Round 2 and Midwest Rampage - After Action Reports
We start out naturally thanking our wondeful sponsors this episode including Mike (A.K.A.- Amysrevenge) from the forums. We then get into a really lengthy what we've been doing section, followed by an even more lengthy news and rumors section. Tons to discuss! The new Embargo placed on European Independant Retailers by Games Workshop, the Fine Casting model line, F.A.Q.'s and more!

We move on to Warhammer Forges release of the first Chaos Dwarf models in the line before we move over to have an interview with John Gaszak plugging the Invasion Kenosha 3 single day tournament GT in Wisconson! We complete our show with a whopping ton of talk about the two tournaments we attended over the weekend. Chuck attended the Midwest Rampage held at our sponsor Gryfalia's Aerie and I went south a couple of hours to attend Round 2 of the 'Ard Boy'z tournament at Fantasy Books and Games in Fairview Heights, IL.

Studio Level Terrain Sponsor:
Studio Level Terrain

Games Workshop Relevant Links:
GW Embargo News from Maelstrom Games
GW Response via Webteam on Facebook
GW Announces Finecast Miniatures Line
GW May 2011 Price Rise List
GW BRB F.A.Q. 1.4

Warhammer Forge:
Chaos Dwarfs

Invasion Kenosha 3:
Invasion Kenosha Website

'Ard Boy'z & MWR Video's:

Chuck' YouTube Videos' from MWR:
Chuck' YouTube Videos' from MWR

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1 comment:

eeore said...

Listened to the show, and enjoyed it, though I could have done without the moaning.

Not least because USA gamers pay the lowest price for the porduct.

re: the switch to resin/plastics - the price increase is quite simply explained by the costs involved in switching to the new medium. The switch over is going to lead to higher numbers of seconds - in the short to medium term - until the process is 'perfected' and though resin is cheaper the useability of resin is nil if the casting goes wrong.

And contrary to popular belief GW models are not made by fairies or hand crafted by Jervis Johnson, but in a factory by people who are probably not as excited about the new High Elf model as the nerd complaining that he has an air bubble in his spear tip.

Still good show, keep it up.